Games I'm looking forward to

These are games that I just can't get enough information for. I can't wait, can't wait I say!!

List items

  • Can't wait, I just hope it's implemented well. Hope this isn't too overwhelming of a project. I am skeptical about the player-base and it's "lone ranger" mentality, hopefully that doesn't exist in this game.

  • For all the obvious reasons, this game is gonna rock. Anything that can kick so much ass with only a mouse can't be a bad thing, plus -- it's diablo -- and it's blizzard, need I say more?

  • Man oh man I hope this doesn't suck my life away, ok I'm lying I hope it does. I'm torn between being a Jedi or a bounty hunter. If the servers are overloaded with Jedi then it's a Bounty Hunter for sure. Geez, I just can't wait!!

  • Finally, more MGS on the Xbox. I hope this doesn't suck. I'm definitely keeping an eye out for this. This could potentially rock my world.

  • The videos looks great, the game looks fun- what more could I ask for?