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"Best in the world?" Not quite, but it's getting there. 0

WWE '13 is a good example of ambition getting in the way of the basics. That isn't really a bad thing or a good thing, it's just kind of "a thing."The heavily-hyped Attitude Era mode is sure to satisfy fans from back when wrestling was hot in the late 90's. The overall attention to detail for fans of WWE & WWF history is shockingly impressive, and the highest it has ever been in a WWE game. Remember how Steve Austin 's theme was slightly (almost unnoticably) remixed in 1998? Both themes are ...

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A clever stealh game that is an absolute joy to play. 0

Mark of the Ninja, somewhat appropriately, is a game that snuck up on just about everyone. Very little hype came along with the release. Regardless of Microsoft's lack of promotion, this is the best 2D action game to hit XBLA since Shadow Complex, and you could make an argument it's actually the best title to come out on the XBox so far this year.The game starts you off with a level that, while serving mainly as a tutorial and spin-up for the rest of the game, is still incredibly fun to come bac...

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Fire Pro Returns! Just kidding. 2

I have no idea why Microsoft decided to call this XBox Live Arcade professional wrestling title "Fire Pro Wrestling." Those familiar with storied Fire Pro Wrestling franchise are dedicated enough to know ahead of time that this game isn't a true Fire Pro experience, and those who have never heard of the series won't be drawn in by what would likely appear to them to be a generic, forgettable title. That said - there is some fun to be had at a very base level, but that's not enough to overcome th...

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Not the collection MK fans have been waiting for 2

I'm a pretty huge Mortal Kombat fan, it doesn't take much to please me. I got at least some enjoyment out of every fighting game the MK name has ever been on. The notion of getting the first three MK arcade games for 10 bucks seems fantastic on the surface.Unfortunately, this collection appears to be a very sloppy effort on the part of WB / Netherrealm / Other Ocean. Audio glitches abound. In MK2, some music will literally pause for half a second when looping or switching to another part - watch...

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