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The Giant Bomb Soundboard

**Much more stuff now!!**

However, I need the help of the Giant Bomb community! 

Finding and editing the various clips from the site takes a lot of time, so if you wish it would be awesome if you could upload clips you want to be included in the soundboard so I can include them.

How to help:
  1. Find some of your favourite GB moments
  2. Edit the file down to the part you want
  3. Upload to the forums (either in .mp3 or .wav preferably)
  4. OR Link me to the Quicklook or Bombcast with a timestamp, try to avoid youtube videos due to audio quality
  5. Suggest more features for me to include!

Things to do:
  • Include loads of clips from Giant Bomb //DONE
  • Include a back button from each individual screen  //DONE
  • Other cool things you guys suggest
  • Get rid of the blue lines around the side //DONE

Edits made:
  • Introduced back button
  • Got rid of opening music (might reintroduce after start button)
  • Lots more clips
  • Included 2nd page for Jeff!

Surprised at how much I'm liking Yakuza.

Admittedly I started this game to pass time before MK and Portal 2, now I'm not usually a fan of these types of games however I am having a very good time with Yakuza 3 at the moment.

I am currently only about 8 hours into my game and the completion percentage stands at 1%.
Even though the game is subtitled the voice acting in Japanese is decent and makes the characters feel believable even though they can be quite stereotypical.

The combat is really simple, although I am slowly unlocking more and more moves as I level up.
The story is quite complicated as I didn't play the first 2 but I did watch the recaps that they provide and they do an alright job at filling you in on the storyline. Additionally some of the missions can be quite slow and feel pointless, however it does make the world seem more believable and immerses you more.

Was any body else surprised at how much they would enjoy a game like this?
Any body interested in taking the jump into Yakuza? I definitely recommend it.    



So far my account with LoveFilm has gone really well. For £10.99 a month I get a game at a time and an unlimited amount per month for an unlimited amount of time. This means I usually get four games for the month and spend about a week on each one. This is excellent as if I were to rent these games then it would cost £5 per game for a week. It is also extremely useful for getting those games that aren't worth a purchase due to their short length.  
As of today the service has been really good, the first class post system means I'm never without a game for a day and it has saved me a lot of money so far.