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Every time I've tried to download one of the big GOTY discussion videos the download starts failing repeatedly around the halfway mark. I can retry and occasionally the retry gets a little further but it's impossible to finish downloading them. I think this might be because I'm downloading the highest quality versions, which are in the 15-20 gigabyte range. I have plenty of storage space and can download other videos on the site just fine (including some of the other large new content that's gone up recently, like the mario party).

I was unable to finish either vf_GOTY2018_DAY03_8000.mp4 or vf_GOTY2018_DAY04_8000.mp4. Sadly I didn't get any error messages, the download just showed up as 'failed' in firefox and would fail again eventually once I retried.

Some of the downloads are also unusually slow compared to others - from video to video it can vary from 1MB/s to 20+MB/s. It's pretty odd. The failing GOTY videos were both very slow until they stopped working.

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Yeah, I can't see HD download links either. Weird that apparently the files are there?

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One thing that occurred to me: Even if you undo everything to save the town, the bit where Max talks to Chloe (before letting her dad die) isn't ever undone. So she gets to leave that one extra mark on her friend's childhood. I think that's pretty neat.They messed up a lot about this episode but it still really worked for me. As a whole I liked this game a lot. They did a great job of avoiding false choices (where your decision has no impact or the game forces you to pick one thing) even though many of the choices were 'meaningless' in the sense that they had no long-term impact.

There's a weird disconnect later in the dream sequence because it's hard to tell whether other-Max is shitting on Max specifically or shitting on the player indirectly as well. It felt like it was probably intended to be a dissection of her personality flaws and the things that drive her, but it also felt a bit like Spec Ops-style 'look how terrible you are' guilt-tripping. Incidentally, that diner is full of NPCs that casually comment on small stuff you did.

Turning into Victoria in that hallways sequence really surprised me. Not sure what that was supposed to mean... was that different for other people? I just got Max in different outfits, plus Victoria. I think the map changes during the hallways bit is the detail that finally made the point of all that 'click' with me (though the glimpses of the fucked up Max & Jefferson alternate realities certainly were impactful)

Loved the mirror + keypad puzzle. Cute.

Oh yeah, and the Max & Jefferson stuff... I feel like maybe the implication there is that in some timelines, she sacrificed herself to keep him in check so he'd stop murdering people? I can't imagine any other explanation for that, but it kinda makes sense as one way to avert the ending where he kills a bunch of people. Pretty dark.

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    @edgecrusher said:

    @top8gamer: Right. That's what I'm getting at. The tagline of "your choices matter" is literally a lie. It's code-talk for "don't-worry-you-afraid-of-commitment-bitch-ass-none-of-this-is-important-lol-;)"

    Quite the opposite, despite what you might think. Here's how it works:

    All the choices are reversible, but *only in the short term*. You're given the option to rethink the choice you just made (if the immediate consequences seem off, or Max doesn't do quite what you intended) - which helps avoid that feeling of being 'betrayed' when the menu option doesn't match what actually happens, in Bioware games etc. So you feel like you have complete freedom, and like there are no consequences.

    But you have to pick something, and it's locked in. The actual consequences show up later and they're pretty hard to predict. So you go in feeling like nothing matters and then they make you rethink your decisions after it's too late to change them.

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      @langdon_alger said:

      updated my ps4 version the other day and played a bit last night. major changes. looks better. still can't figure out how to fix my mods.

      I played this game way, way back - before they overhauled the mod system and rust stormed everything - and I still can't figure out how the hell the mod system works. I even spent some money because I liked the game, and every time I come back and try it again my guns all do terrible, miserable damage despite being max level and it's incredibly frustrating. :(

      Also great to see that a ton of awful bugs haven't been fixed, like bosses not spawning or the tutorial softlocking so you have to restart it from the beginning.

      It's a shame, the core gameplay in Warframe was fun from the beginning and remains really fun. It seems like they disabled most of the cool melee attacks, though? That's a real disappointment.

      I wouldn't discourage anyone from playing the game but you definitely shouldn't spend money, since DE has a history of completely devaluing your purchases.

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        The bosses constantly fleeing + enemies respawning the moment they leave the screen makes this game look like a hot pile of garbage, even though the developers clearly spent tons of time lavishing attention on the art and audio and pretty much everything OTHER than making it not a complete chore to play.

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          @rasmoss said:

          I wish the guys would say what platform a game is on at the beginning of quicklooks.


          This game seems pretty rad. The title pun is awful, though.

          Also, sliding block puzzles in Professor Layton with a bunch of irregularly shaped blocks are THE WORST, and every game has like 5 of them, usually in the last few puzzles you unlock where they're really difficult. And no amount of hint coins will help you because sliding block puzzle solutions are like 90 moves long.

          Absolutely zero sliding block puzzles. I hate them too :)

          @cheato said:

          Gonna check this out--from what I can hear, the music sounds great!

          Thanks! The musician is absolutely brilliant (he did the design and a bunch of the programming, too!)

          You can grab the soundtrack here if you're interested in listening to it:


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            @artisanbreads said:

            You need to use quotes or something because I thought the name of this game was "Escape Goat 2: Butts" at first and that would have been too awesome.

            Trade secrets!

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              I agree that the handling of the spoiler you mention is poor; however they do recontextualize it some in the last chapter (among other things, the photographs you get in the last case) and that makes it a little more defensible; I think some of the poor handling is an intentional depiction of what the environment is doing to the characters and not necessarily the game's worldview. The game's worldview as depicted in some of the other content is at odds with how things are handled during that particular case.

              Still a bit disappointing, though, and I get the impression NISA fucked up that part of the localization (they certainly fucked up some other parts, and there are quite a few typos/logical errors).

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