Obligatory boring first blog

My gaming history

Seems like I should probably get this stuff out of the way in my first blog. I was born in 91, and my first real memory is playing Sonic 2. I've always enjoyed the old-school Sonic games, but since Adventure? Eurgh.   
The first console which I personally owned was the PS1. Being so young I wasn't exactly aware of the best games on the system; blissful ignorance and Croc: Legend of the Gobbos is a powerful cocktail. The next year I got an N64, with all the obligatories. Ocarina was probably the game which got me interested in deeper experiences, as I guess was the case for a lot of people my age. 
At the beginning of the new generation I got a Gamecube. I wanted one after the N64 rooted a Nintendo fanboyism in me for a period (which probably lasted up until the Wii release), and I loved it despite the lack of excellent games. The cliché is of course to say that everybody with a GC had all of it's good games because there were so few, but on a paper round's wage that suited me down to the ground. It's the platform for two of my top three games, and many of the "honourable mentions" found their home there too. 
And now we reach the past few years, the current generation. I was a late comer this time (unless you want to count the launch-day Wii), only purchasing a 360 in 2009. By comparison to last generation, I've been relatively disappointed this time around. I'm still really pleased with the 360 but I'm also nowhere near as enthusiastic as before. The saving grace is XBLA; it has allowed me to rewind and undo what did as a child, redeeming the PS1's reputation in my mind by showing me the light of SOTN
My most recent platform, however, is the PS2, about ten years late this time. I bought this in September 2010 with a long list of games to try, and I bought FF10 to begin with. I played through the tutorial intro part, up until the first save point. Afterwards I was distracted by FF7 (having never finished it before) until my next PS2 package arrived: Persona 3 FES. I had heard about this for a while on various podcasts, but never really payed much attention until my friend recommended it. Long story short: the game left the disc tray 56 played hours and one completed save later, and only to make room for Guilty Gear. It was one of my favourite games ever, easily top 5. And I convinced myself that I wouldn't like P4, based on what I had saw of the character designs and what I had read of the gameplay differences. A few months later and I caved in and ordered the game. The same thing happened over again, the disc only being replaced for my P3 second playthrough. I think it's safe to say that P4 is my favourite game ever (so far). If P5 is PS3 exclusive (as numerous rumours seem to have suggested), I'll almost certainly buy one just to play that game.  

The List

  Time to get down to the dirty part, then. This is gonna be such a yuppie list to all the old-schoolers. It's been tough to make a top 10, but (I convinced myself) it had to be done!
  1. Persona 4
  2. F-Zero GX
  3. Metroid Prime
  4. Persona 3 FES
  5. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  6. Mass Effect 2
  7. Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
  8. Super Metroid
  9. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
  10. Viewtiful Joe
This feels like a horrible list. But there it is! Care or not, unexpected readers! It's up to you. I'd pretend I didn't care, but I clearly did care enough to actually put this much thought into it. English Language B be damned!