Kawika's Back Log & Finished Games of 2013

This year I decided that it might be fun to track how many level ups I would get in a year. The more i thought about it, the more I thought I could track other gaming statistics, such as, how many hours or did I complete the game. I told my buddy Keef about it who had a large back log and was looking for a way to make some real progress into taking it down. So I made this list and a spreadsheet to track all my data. I am not going to keep this platform specific and I will post only games I am currently playing or finished this year. I am also counting games I finished multiple times under games beaten this year.

Each game listed will have some comments, impressions, mini reviews or other notes to let the reader know was going on with regard to the game posted. I was trying to come up with silly ways to score the games after I completed them. I decided to score based on what I think you should do if you are reading this.

The scores are going to be broken down as follows:

Buy it: This is worth full retail price, if its on PC i am getting it on a steam deal so keep that in mind Rent it: Not the best, but worth playing. Rent it or buy it for cheap on Steam if possible. Skip it: Some games aren't worth your time or mine. Some games I will quit playing not because of dislike but mainly because something else caught my eye. If its unfinished, don't take that as a slight. I am easily distracted.

As of 12/31/2013

Games Finished: 23

Games Quit: 1

Total Number of Level Ups: 516

Total Number of Hours spent this year: 605

1/1/2014 Update:

What a great year of games. I didn't get to finish as many as I would have liked. AC4 was a lot longer than I had anticipated. I suppose I will have a lot of half finished games to finish in the next month or so. Thanks Phil Kollar for giving me the inspiration to make a game journal. I think I am going to do this every year.

Happy New Year Everyone


List items

  • Finished: 12/31/2013 (for breakfast). Food of the year. It wins every year. No surprise. Looking forward to what bacon offers in 2014.

  • Finished 12/17/2013. BUY IT(FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD)!

    I just wrapped this up and I was in love with the game start to finish. I have not played a Zelda game since LTTP that kept me this enthralled. I could not put it down. Its a pretty short game, but I feel like replaying it all over again. I got all of the hidden goodies save a couple pieces of the last container heart. I can go back and get that eventually but getting 19/20 hearts and 100% of everything else is a solid save in my opinion.

    This might be one of my favorite games of the year. Along with Diablo 3 (PS3), Ni No Kuni, Last of Us, Sleeping Dogs (did that come out this year?) and Guacamelee. Nintendo brought it with this one.

  • Currently Playing PS4

    Really fun racer. I have a few issues with it like the lack of the pause feature if you are playing single player but in large its pretty good.

  • Currently playing PS4

    1st impression: This game is a lot better looking than what I thought a Lego game could look like. I might actually like this game as much as the Lego Star Wars games.

  • Currently Playing PS4

    I have only got to the first town. Been putting this off for my Christmas vacation.

    12/31/2014 Half way thought the game according to the % tracker. Its a lot longer than I had anticipated. Still Had a lot of fun so far. Should be finishing it up with in the next week or so.

  • Finished 11/30/2013 Buy it! (PS+ its free).

    You don't really finish this game because of the high score chase. But I finished all the levels in arcade mode. Going to be playing more.

  • Finished 11/27/2013

    Single player Rent it. This game is old school learn by failing. Decent story, great graphics, very fps by the numbers. Not bad but not good either.

    Online to be determined.

    So far its fail because of lack of group chat in an online shooter that has objectives. How was this left out?

  • Added to Backlog

    This game looks great on my PC. I really need to sink my teeth into this. I am only a hour in but my PS4 is coming soon I don't know when I will get to it. This might get pushed to 2014

  • This game is a chore. I am starting to notice I don't much care for these Mario themed games as much as I used to. I am ready for this game to be over.

  • Currently Playing: I am 60+ hours in and still enjoying the game. I have to put this down often as I think I wouldn't enjoy powering through it as much.

    Picked it up again on 12/19/2014. Maybe I will finish this before the new year.

  • Currently Playing:

    Jumped into this right after beating the main game. Really cool premise. Will try to finish it up soon. Graphics look like they got a significant upgrade over the vanilla game.

  • Currently playing: I love this game. I don't have time fore this game. Why do you hate me Bethesda?

    Bought the Steam Version over the thanksgiving break. I found a way to transfer my game save from Xbox to PC. I was able to transfer it but I haven't got back to it yet.

  • Currently playing and stuck: I wish my pc could run this better. I exceed the specs but its having issues. Bought it on Xbox but it looks terrible.

    Update: Got a new video card. Can run this at the 2nd to highest settings without any lag. Highest settings can dip and I prefer smooth game play to better graphics. I have since moved it to custom settings and get it closer to the max while keeping the smoothness.

  • Quit: 11/01/2013: Skip it.

    This wasn't bad, this wasn't particularly good. If you want Batman experience on the go this will not scratch that itch. It plays like a Metroidvania style game but the map is confusing and seems broken. Interacting with the 2.5D aspects is clunky and the fighting just doesn't fit on a 2D plane. At first I was really into it but after a few hours I kept thinking I wish I was playing something else.

  • Finished 11/09/2013: Buy it.

    What a fantastic game for what it was. A nice focused open world game. The fighting engine in the game made the encounters fresh and I have wanted GTA to go to another country for so long. I really hope they make more of these. Also, if your graphics card is up-to-snuff its going to look fantastic.

    Probably one of my favorite open world games to date. Great fighting mechanics. Story that didn't go too long and bonuses from being completing various faction missions. Wei Shen went through probably the worst time I have ever seen any character go through. I am so glad this was one of the last games of this generation that I finished.

  • Finished 10/15/2013: Rent it.

    I am really struggling to get through this game. Its a good game, not great. The game suffers from the collect-a-thon nature that a lot of these Nintendo games fall into. While not necessary you waste a lot of time searching for things. The game is broken into levels which is nice because you can play it in bits. If you die on one of these levels and didn't find a golden bone you have to repeat the whole level all over again. While not too difficult, there were a lot of times that I spent nearly 20-30 minutes finishing a level only to fight a tough pack of ghost that nearly killed me in the last room.

    Update: Finished the game. I hate when you can't wait to finish a game because you no longer are having the fun you once were. Yeah, so I beat it. Lack luster ending. I didn't care at all. I may be a grouch but when you pay for Gamefly and they send you this over GTA V it might color your play experience.

  • Finished 10/6/2013: BUY IT!!!!

    So far my favorite game of the year. It was a long, long road and well worth it by the end. The shooting mechanics are wonky but after a while you get better at it. I felt I was progressing as a player and like the characters in the game, I felt myself getting better at surviving. I plan on replaying this if I get a break in the back log. This is not the game you play before going back to lesser games. It makes them look really bad.

  • Finished 9/23/2013: Buy it (Free if you had PS+).

    It was more fun than good. I enjoyed the story. Thought the user generated missions were a chore. I choose the bad path. I don't think I will bother doing the good guy ending. PS+ game so my expectations weren't very high. Still, I enjoyed myself and I would recommend it for anyone who likes open world or super hero/villain games.

  • Finished 9/1/2013: 4/5 Katana Swords

    This was on my backlog for a while. I loved this metroidish stealth action game. Thoroughly enjoyed the characters, the game play and the graphical style.

  • Finished 8/13/2013

    Decent Diablo style game. If you played Torchlight 1, its more of the same with more multiplayer options.

  • Finished 8/8/2013

    Don't play the Decker in this campaign.

  • Finished 7/31/2013: 7 out of 10 $150 Neo-Geo Carts.

    Old school arcade shooter that was a PS+ game. Decided to check it out and finished it in a sitting.

  • Stopped Playing 7/15/2013:

    Never got into this series before. Wanted to try it out. After 15 days I viewed it as a waste of gaming time. This game can go on forever. The main reason I didn't stick with it was because this thing showed up into my town. http://preview.tinyurl.com/mmvrvm9

    Seriously, this thing was creepy as hell and I already hate clowns.

  • Finished: 6/23/2013

    Excellent game. Really enjoyed it. Your choices don't really matter in the end. But how you get there is changed.

  • Finished: 6/1/2013

    Played it on Vita, wish I got it on console.

    You know, I wish Criterion would just go back to burn out. I am not the biggest NFS fan.

  • Finished 5/24/2013 Buy it.

    I loved it for a long time. There is a certain point the game should have ended but felt the need to drag you on for about 10 more hours. The game was really charming and I haven't beat a jrpg on a console in the longest time. I want to love this game but by the time I beat it, I was really ready for it to be done.

  • Finished 4/18/2013: 4 out of 5 Goats. ¡Cómpralo! (Buy it!)

    I really enjoyed this game. I played it primarily on the Vita. The cultural references are not lost on me and I really appreciated some of the nuanced hat tips to my Dad's culture. Speaking of references, the game was filled with so many Easter Eggs you could find just about every game in this genre represented somewhere in Easter Egg form. The Jump challenge broke me and some of the boss fights have uneven difficulty. I really appreciated the time I spent playing it.

  • Finished 3/19/2013

    More Starcraft 2.

  • Finished 3/14/2013

    I loved this Mario game. Galaxy was the last Mario game I enjoyed this much. I didn't want to play the bonus stuff or collect the stars like I did with galaxy. But this game is solid. If you have a 3DS this should be in your game collection.

  • Finished 3/10/2015

    Lazy day. Finished it in a sitting. Glad I got it on sale but really glad I played this game. Will replay someday.

  • Finished 2/9/2013

    Little Big Planet Vita was probably my favorite in the series.

  • Finished 2/4/2013

    Truly good game from a great developer.

  • Finished 1/23/2013:

    This wasn't up to UC2's level. Drake, do you ever feel guilty murdering a few thousand people every time you go on an adventure? Would like to see less combat more set pieces and puzzles.

  • Currently Playing: Leveled up 41 times on my barb since the level cap. Wish they would patch the better loot patch in already.

    My Character Account:


  • Currently playing: I suppose there is no real end to this as long as you have classes to play.