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LOST: Via Domus 0

I Love LOST. Unless you love LOST as well then pass on this game.Via Domus is a third person puzzle quest game that leaves you exactly where the show does. LOST, bewildered and plane wrecked on a Mysterious Island with no answers. You play as Elliot Maslow, a new character not from the show, who was on flight 815 when it crashed. The object of the game is to find your wits, find your belongings and find find your way home. Of course the Island has a different plan for you.Some of the characters ...

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Mass Effect 3

The game Mass Effect is a third person, over the shoulder shooter that envelops you in a futuristic environment complete with advanced technology, alien races and plenty of drama.The game begins with the creation of your character. BioWare has done a complete job of allowing you as a player to be exactly who you want to be; Gender, personality, history, and of course cosmetic attributes all are able to be customized. After that you choose from 5 classes of character. Each one offering a complete...

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Gears of War 0

This is one of those games that defines the industry. Of every game I have ever played on the Xbox 360 console Gears of War is by far the most creative, fun to watch, hard to put down and just plain old entertaining. Gears of War offers an entire new spin to any Combat game you have ever played. The words that best describe the difference between this third person, over the shoulder shooter, are personal combat. When in the heart of battle you are able to feel the breath of your opponent as he r...

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