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Stuff from E3 2012 I think will be cool.

I like Electronic Threes, and this one was kind of quiet in terms of big surprises... but there was still some cool stuff! And here's my top ten picks, mostly in order. It gets a little fuzzy as you go downward.

But number one is tops, gents.

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  • I bought a PS3 for this game. I... should probably say more about it than that I guess? The dynamic between the two main characters seems cool, and it's really refreshing to see a post-apocalyptic setting that's reclaimed by nature instead of bombed-out brown or so recent as to just be an empty normal city.

  • I love you Maxis. Thank you for coming back to me. It's like Spore never even happened~

  • Okay it's a bit premature to say this game should be cool, but, the hacking is a pretty awesome thing and hopefully it allows for some awesome stealth gameplay instead of just a bunch of gunfights.

  • I'm a comic nerd and I loved the most recent Mortal Kombat. This seems like a pretty good match and I'm eager to see how it turns out.

  • I love platformers. I'm a platformer dude first and foremost, it's my THING in videogames. And this one looks great.

  • Mario is pretty much always great. And I'm always in favor of more 4 player platforming! Hopefully the 'play as a mii' feature is still in there.

    Because honestly I need some Waluigi.

  • Burnout Paradise was pretty rad, and a return to this open-world formula with some more oomph and budget behind it is sure to be spectacular.

  • Okay, so, this has been cool for a WHILE now, but... it'll actually come out this time! Hopefully. And looks great. Raiden is super awesome and I don't remember anything about this 'metale geare solide twoe' you speak of.

  • I love Paper Mario fuck you.

  • South Park is pretty good and Obsidian is pretty great, this should end up really solid as a game and as a comedy thing. I hope.