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My name is Kenneth Wilson, and I'm a early-thirties gamer from West Palm Beach, Florida.

I'm currently living in St. Louis, Missouri as a result of my wife, a Staff Sergeant in the U. S. Air Force, being stationed at Scott AFB. We've been married since the summer of 2004 and had our first child, our son Michael, in May 2012.

I grew up in a family involved in Southern Baptist churches and the Republican Party, and I haven't strayed far (well, not too far) from the beliefs associated with them. I've been a Miami Dolphins fan my entire life. I've been an active member of the furry fandom since January 1997, and I attended Further Confusion from 2006 to 2011, staffing it in all but the first and last of those years. I primarily play the PC, although I will usually own all consoles. Sid Meier is my favorite video game developer, honorable mentions go to Bioware, Maxis, Harmonix, and Sports Interactive. Portal is the closest thing to a perfect game that the industry has ever created.