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My 100 Hour Club

Games that I have played for at least 100 hours

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  • You know over the years I've heard/read hundreds of complaints about this game's art style, but because of the cel shading the graphics looked amazing and still do. This is my favorite Zelda game.

  • Where to main character was level 156 (may he rest in peace, got deleted on accident, not my fault) and has over 200 hours on the timer. I was a subscriber for the online play for a few months and it was great. Though I'm sure the guy at GameStop I made climb up a ladder to get a broadband adapter for my GameCube was pretty pissed.

  • I cannot even begin to count the number of times I've gone through Super Mario Bros. I had the beefed up version on SNES, the hidden version in Animal Crossing, and finally the Virtual Console version.

  • I am well determined to achieve the full gamerscore in this game. And that's the Xbox 360 version not the PC version, but I will buy the PC version for the points one of these days. One of the best RPGs ever made. I don't know how you can't play over 100 hours in this.

  • This game filled that awkward void in my life where all I had was a GameCube but there wasn't anything coming out for it and the Wii was still ways away. This game dominated my freshman and sophmore years in high school and is still a blast to play today. Best part is it's free.

  • Summer 2008: Me, my PC, and Team Fortress 2. ALL SUMMER LONG! I had over 60 hours on the Pyro alone but have since reset my stats.

  • Do you know how many maps I've made over the years? I'd count them for you but I keep losing those damn memory cards. Probably the funniest game on this list.

  • I've had to spend at least 100 hours alone just exploring Hyrule Field. That game was absolutely flawless and I will fight anyone who disagrees with me when I say this was the greatest game ever made.

  • Like Ocarina I probably spent 100 hours just goofing around in the castle. Add in the additional hours I got off of the downloaded version on my Wii, the DS version, and the ROM I played during some of my classes in high school and I'd say it certainly could be a contender for my 1000 hour club.

  • So I have a SNES. And I have Super Mario World. And I beat it. Then the game save deleted itself. So I beat it again and again and again and again...

  • Played it, beat it, repeated it. Over and over again. Then it came out on Wii! So I did it all again!

  • Combine the over 3 days of multiplayer with the uncounted single player and you have one of the best FPSs of our time. Modern Warfare 2 cannot stack up to this original but I having a feeling that it worm its way onto this list one day.

  • Don't let the pic fool you I am a die hard Pokemon Pearl fan. 100 hours and I still want to go back for more. After reading a list of changes made to the Gold/Silver remakes I can safely say SoulSilver will be on this list before the end of the year.

  • Gears 2 is something special to me. I came into the Gears 1 scene right around the spring of 08 and was sold. Got the collector's edition on day 1 and it was just brought to my attention that I've played this for over 200 hours. The addictive Horde mode just keeps pulling me back in over and over again. And yet I still haven't achieved Seriously 2.0.

  • Modern Warfare 2 is the definitive shooter of 2009! It's great! Then it's good. Then it becomes the game that you play when you have nothing else to play and guess what? I had nothing to play! I dunno there was something special about Call of Duty 4 that this game just doesn't have. Oh wait I know what it is! An actual ending! This game has very little closure when it comes to an end but complaints aside it is still one hell of a game and I just nitpick at it mostly because of the whole Activision/Infinity Ward battle. But much fun can be had with it and I probably will spend another hundred hours playing it before Modern Warfare 3 hits stores.