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Top 5 Games From E3

These games are instantly on my must buy list (a list which I haven't actually made yet). E3 was made for games like these and here are my top 5. Also these are exclusively games which is why the 3DS is not on the list.

List items

  • Woah where did that come from? Last time we saw images from Kirby's newest console title they looked...less cutesy. But boy oh boy what a pleasant surprise. I love games with style and this game oozes an art style that I can safely say has never been done before (to my knowledge).

  • This is the greatest epic since the original trilogy. The guys at Bioware are known for dishing out great story after great story and this will be no different. This game will destroy lives, end relationships, and cause obesity among its future millions of players and you know what? We're totally ok with that.

  • inFamous was I game that I thought was fun so I bought it and holy crap! What a good story. And the best part is right as the game ended you felt, nay you knew that Cole's journey had only just begun. I am eagerly awaiting the second in Cole's story and can't wait to see just how they explain a bunch of the...paradoxes if you will.

  • Well duh of course the Legend of Zelda makes the list. The art style looks great. The gameplay looks fun and it works (despite what happened on stage). While it may not be true one to one swordplay like they've been saying it still looks to be a lot of fun. I do hope that there are a few surprises in store that will spice things up a little bit.

  • Read the entry for Gears of War 2 on my 100 hour list. Ok now you see why I'm excited for Gears 3. I have spent over 8 days of my life in that game and still don't have all the achievements. I'm not even halfway to Seriously 2.0 hell I'm not even sure if I'm a quarter of the way there. But the new setting, new characters, and new gameplay mechanics have me ready to finish this trilogy.