blog for morning April 14th 2010 (3:46 AM) central time

Went to Blackbuster like 3 days ago for there buy 1 get 1 free sale got 4 game for $20. The game i got where Fight Night Round 3, Transformers The Game, Spider-Man Web of shadows, and DIRT
Games i finished this week
 The Godfather 2 (1000/1000 Gamer-score)
 For anime i have just Finished Clanned Part 2 Disc 1 and i just watched Dragon ball Z the History of Trunks i got both the history of trunks and Bardock the Father of Goku on dvd from Walmart for $4 each. getting tire night. zZZZZzzzZzZ


Thing's to hate in this dump of a world

Re posting my recent blog from here

Ok Im in a bad mood today so i feel like talkin about the things i hate in this world.

A few things that i hate in this world are as followed

1:The people how think there all that just because there good at a video game.

2:Thows people how ive you a bad rieview just because you ether beat them in a game or they just decided to downgrade you becosue they decided they hate you.

3: spammers glitcher and overall cheaters how just ruin the fun a good video game.

4: Thows people in call of duty 3 all they want to do is flag boost.

5:Thows people how try and jack your xbox360 accout just for the fun of it rilly you should have somthing better to do with your life.

6:Thiscummunity i meen i se people with blogs with over 100 comment's or more and I hate how when I make a blog I only get at the most 2 comment's and I Thank thow's 2 or 3 people for taking there time to read my blogs.

You see i coming into gameing to try to get away from people how act stupid just to find i run into them all the time online like hacker's and cheaters people how steal your accounts thows people how just love pissing off everyone for fun. The world alrady messed up in the real world why do you want to ruin my only vacation away from this ugly thing we call life.

Changing the subject now

GTA IV game of year
GTA IV game of year

If you have been keepen one eye turned to Spike TV's VGA awards you already know about GTA IV Winning game of the year. Metal Gear solid 4 won best graphics and best original score, Fallout3 best RPG, GTA IV also Won best action/adventure game, Media Molecule won best Studio of the year, gears of war 2 won bets shooter

Thow I like meny say GTA IV did not diserve GOTY award shure it was a good game but there are meny other games out there that are better i meen why dident MGS4 Win GOTY or GOW2.

Well i have to say the real GOTY isent awarded untill gamespot decides at the end of the year for gamespots 2008 VGA awards.


live not working today as of 10:45 PM today

i think live is down again got disconnected form live on my 360 it was 10:45 PM at the time ether there having problems they got more maintenance or they decided F*CK it lets give them the new live experience now instead of November

update - well xbox is back up maybe xbox live had a small crash or something i don't know just have i can get back on live


Mom drunk again

man tonight ben awful my mom drunk and being fu*kin stupid cant play any games without her bargin in starting one of here drunkin rambles about how she buy me everything even thow she is and un employed fatass how goes out to partys and festivals and bars insted of lookin for a job my dada makes all the money and my mom spend it on baskets and other garbage filling the house with useless thing that sit around colecting dust.



thats my points total right now at 9:01 p.m. augest 22 2008 666 points


Bungie teasing a new Halo game?

It seems like Bungie loves to tease their fans. Check out this video, it's Luke Smith suddenly appearing from a blue Spartan, which is all footage in the game.

The video was made as Bungie’s response to the Edge Innovation Award (which Halo 3 has won two years running now), and it displays this blue spartan running around various parts of the multiplayer map “Rat’s Nest” being a really jerk by telling us that Bungie is hard at work at some project. While he wouldn’t say what the project was, there was plenty of hints that it was another Halo game (the biggest being that the video is run in Halo 3 itself). At one point he even says, “Even though in Halo 3 you finished the fight, it doesn’t necessarily mean the rides over.” Isn’t that confirmation enough?



Braid on PS3 a possibility - But no chance on Wii

Jonathan Blow, creator of Braid, has announced that the title might becoming to the PS3 in the near future.

The Start of Braid
The Start of Braid

"PS3 might happen in the future. What's going to definitely happen this year is a PC release. The only reason that's not out right now is because I wanted to focus on one platform at a time," Blow revealed.

But there is bad news for Wii owners: There is absolutely no chance of getting the game on Wiiware. Weighing 144MB, it's just too big to be downloaded onto the Wii console.

nuthing to do

well im bored all realms for WoW are down for scheduled maintenance just siting here waiting for them to come back online


Braid price 1,200 MS point to much

I think 1,200 is a little to much for a XBLA game it should be 800 becouse  with 1,200 points id be better off buy an xbox original game. Braid is around 3 hours game story when i could buy a xbox original for same price and get twise the gameplay time. its jjust me but they should of went with 800 MS points.


Rumor Mill: Mass Effect, Jade Empire for Nintendo DS

According to the lead designer for Bioware, the company is setting its goals on releasing more titles for the Nintendo DS portable console. Their sights are aimed at bringing Mass Effect, Jade Empire and Dragon Age straight to your DS.

“Basically anything that reinforces the franchises. We have a lot of big plans for Mass Effect. Having a DS version would be an awesome way to keep interest alive and keep it going in addition to the next one [Mass Effect 2]. I’ll tell you which one I would want. I want the Mass Effect one.”

Sounds like an interesting endeavor. Hard to say how well these games would play on the DS, but I trust Bioware to come up with something great. Do you think it’s a good idea?

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