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Making my way through Robert Jordan's The Eye of the World, Brandon Sanderson's The Well of Ascension, and Nisioisin's Onimonogatari. I've gotten super into fantasy lately ever since Vinny mentioned Sanderson's The Way of Kings on some random video. I picked that up and eventually finished and absolutely loved it. I finished Words of Radiance and Edgedancer recently too, but I'm waiting on Oathbringer for a bit. I don't wanna have to wait too long for the fourth book. So I think I'll wait til he at least says he's started writing it.

I want to get into more sci-fi, but I feel like I'm not as into the space opera genre and all the cyberpunk is quite old at this point. Is anyone writing good modern takes on cyberpunk? I'm generally interested in anything with a Ghost in the Shell style world (though I'm not sure if that is technically cyberpunk, but I feel like the setting is something I like). I really liked Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep too, so maybe near future dystopia is what I want in this area?

My unread light novel stack is growing pretty large at the moment though, so I'm probably not gonna add any new books to my list for a good while yet.

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Personally, I think that the most memorable video game music for me has been stuff that works with the mood and makes me want to listen to it out of the game. So I think it is important if you're talking about the best music. I don't think I would call something that didn't do both the best music.

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How do you find out about new Japanese music? I guess the answer is probably to learn Japanese and look on actual Japanese websites, which I am, but I've still got a long way to go on that before I can go onto Japanese only sites. I find it difficult to find stuff on youtube that isn't just anime music or J-Pop or 10+ years old. I do really like Band-Maid so I'm glad that they can actually be found pretty easily on youtube.

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I replayed FF7 over and over a bunch as a kid and I definitely saved over a (essentially) 100% save file with a brand new file.

More recently I was replaying Persona 3 FES on the PS3 and after about 20 hours the save file literally just disappeared from my list. I'm guessing it got corrupted or something, because the second save slot still had it's data.

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I'm torn on whether I wanna get this or not. On one hand it sounds like I'd definitely prefer just replaying the original VN, but on the other hand I want more stuff like this to actually get localized in the US so it would be nice to support it.

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@vortextk: Yeah I remember it being pretty frustrating, but I must have liked the story enough to push through to the first ending. I didn't know about the multiple endings at the time though.

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Well I didn't delete it the first time because I wanted to do the side stuff. But after getting platinum (I only bought a couple of the grindy trophies, though I ended up doing them anyways cause I wanted to fight Emil) I went through the end again and deleted it. I didn't back it up, because when I play the game again I'm going to just start a new file anyways.

I thought that this was a really cool moment and I'll admit I got a little teary eyed seeing other people's messages as I died over and over to Business Division and Square Enix.

Now I gotta go back and play Nier, because I only got to the first ending of that game and, judging from Automata, I probably missed a ton of stuff. I also don't remember much about it.

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I just finished getting platinum and then wiped my save so I'm feeling the same as you. Luckily Persona 5 is out in a couple days.

I will also recommend Danganronpa, its more of a visual novel, but it is probably one of my favorite video game stories ever. The second one also managed to introduce a completely new cast of characters and an equally good story as the first (arguably better than the first, but I'm not sure how I feel on that), which I find to be way too rare in video game stories. They both gave me that feeling, the one you get when you reach a point in a good book where you cannot stop until its finished. It probably helps that I love locked room mysteries, anime, and manga so these games were basically made for me. I can't wait for the 3rd game to come out, which I think is later this year.

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I don't know, if someone told me they were releasing a new 3ds model that could also attach to my TV so I could finally play the few Wii U games I wanted to play I'd be pretty excited. For me Nintendo machines might as well be Pokemon machines since its really all I play on them these days. Though I occasionally really want to play something like Xenoblade, but I just can't justify buying a Wii U for one game. So it will be kinda nice to have them both on one system. I'm worried about the battery life though and the controllers. They don't look comfortable and, call me an old man, but I think that motion controls are just lame. But anyways if this is where Pokemon comes out, I'll probably get one at some point.

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They are fantastic. The only thing I would say is that I'm starting to feel a longing for the mouse and keyboard because I've never been very good at aiming on a console, while I'm decent on a PC. That said, I probably put like 100 hours into the game before feeling that way. So I would say they are absolutely good on the consoles.