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Best of 2011

so far

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  • I've put more hours into this game than all of the games on this list combined.

  • Might be the most fun game I've played in the past few years honestly.

  • I'm a sucker for detective stories, and it was fun to actually do some detective work in a cop game for a change instead of shooting hordes of dudes.

  • Fun to play, great music, great artstyle, interesting story and a unique narrator. Not much to dislike here.

  • Great story, love cyberpunk stuff. I enjoyed the gameplay to a point, it kinda felt like Alice in a way where I was done with an area about 30 mins to an hour before it ended (but maybe thats just my compulsion to look for stuff). Not quite as open worldy as I maybe would have liked, you spend a lot of time going from area to infiltrate to another area to infiltrate without getting a chance to use credits.

  • Really liked this game, can't put my finger on why, got pretty repetitive, you were finished with a level long before the game was. Combat was fun, nice artstyle.

  • Liked the story, the actual puzzles were fun for a while but wasn't really my thing.

  • pretty self explanatory, just plain fun

  • This is the only fighting game I've liked playing in a long time. Story mode was amazing for this style of game.