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GOTY 2016?

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  • The best crafted game to come out this year. All the characters are fun to play, the maps are exciting, and the sound/visuals are informative. Bonus points for loot boxes.

  • Possibly the best stealth game I've ever played. It's more of a puzzle game than a "don't be seen" game. Bonus points for fire axes.

  • The one game I couldn't put down until I was done. Full of darkness and questions, the game eases you from running in the woods into more and more freakish situations. Bonus points for playing with bodies.

  • This game is pure joy. It's a joy simulator. Bonus points for shark dances.

  • This one is pure frustration oh my god i'm so stupid this is impossible send help. It's nice though. Bonus points for making lines exciting.

  • The first Uncharted game I've actually finished. It looks amazing and feels good in the hand. Still don't know why I needed to kill all those people though. Bonus points for pirates.

  • This one has the strongest opening of any of the games on this list. If the rest was just as strong it'd easily be at the top of it. Bonus points for disposable camera.

  • It's good because it's picross touched by the hand of god. Bonus points for unnecessary descriptions.

  • The best Pokemon game? Turned the game on its head while making it more accessible at the same time. The Battle Tree sucks though. Bonus points for Air Charizard.

  • This probably seems like a weird one. Kirby is my everything. Without Kirby I am nothing. Kirby destroys the corporate overseers so he can kick it and eat food without a care. Bonus points for absorbing mech powers.