Giant Bomb and the completionist in me.

I have never really been good at doing wiki edits. I always think i should do it more often but then just get sidetracked watching a sweet online video.
Now though, more than ever do I feel the need to edit pages and its for a pretty obvious reason, I like getting rewarded in cleaver ways.   Not only that but i love trying to have it all. Giant Bomb has figured me out and done the exact thing it would take to get me back on the editing stuff train. Quests. I know that I may never have all the quests completed as a few of them involve being a moderator it seems. Thats fine though as I will love doing all the other ones or go crazy trying. This also seems like a great system for new members to try out all the great features this site has to offer (what? no love for the trivia???) and hopefully keep them at it. I am pretty certin that even after I end up getting a bunch of the wiki edit quests I will keep at it.  All in all this makes the site more active and more fun for me to visit besides to just laugh at jokes by funny people while they play video games or talk about video games on a video game website about video games.