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Mac Wallpaper help

Hey I turned on my macbook today and instead of the usual background I got a blue wallpaper that will not change.  This person seems to have the same problem I do, I have version 10.5.8 and no other account, but I cant seem to figure out how to shut down the applications or change the  account or whatever this person figured out. If anyone can help that would be great.

This looks bad, I thought it was a toothpaste commercial

I just caught the end of this commercial and the whole time Im thinking, what bad product are they trying to sell.  The acting is bad, the shaky cam, the world map in the background, everything seemed so cliche.  Then it was like, "no this is a real show".  I don't think I will be watching 


Resistance 3 Images

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 Resistance: Fall of Man was my first PS3 game, and I've been playing all the Ratchet and Clanks. These images have me very hyped about whats to come, looking forward to more images and videos in the near future. Any ideas of what these might mean, and how this all fits into the story?  Last time I checked, wasn't earth transported to the Chimeran Universe?

Best Jay Z Album?

Ok so I know a lot of people don't think Jay Z is the best rapper of all time(#1 on every list) or that he is anything worth mentioning(again #1 on every list) but that is neither here nor there.  Today I brought up what was Jay Z's best album and I got three answers.  I got Reasonable Doubt(Devils, Two 22s, Dead Presidents, Brooklyn's finest) Blueprint(Izzo, Girls Girls, Heart of the City, Renegade)  and the Black Album(December 4th, Lucifer, My 1st Song, Dirt off Your Shoulders).  Now haters keep it moving, but to those that are fans of Jay, what's your opinion? Is it his breakout 1st album, his 5 mic Blueprint, or the monstrous movie that was the Black Album.  If you have another favorite feel free to express it, Im just going off the three that are most agreed upon as his best.            

Did I really just get to Fallout 3?

What can be one of the most amazing yet disastrous ideas Ive made about video games in awhile, I have finally(coming close to two years late) decided to START playing Fallout 3.  I know how it ends, I've seen a lot of the quick looks for the expansions, but for some reason I've never gotten around to getting the game.  What can be seen as a move that should have been made years ago, I decided to pick up the game of the year edition for a cheap 50 bucks.  This decision can be seen as dumb for many reasons: 1.) why on earth would I get Fallout 3 when New Vegas(looking to be a smoother experience) is weeks away 2.) I'm two years late to the party 3.) im entering my junior year as an undergrad in college, and they dont call them upper division classes for nothing. Well New Vegas does look promising, but I've got literally 100 hours to play with concerning Fallout 3. Two years late, but never was about these types of games. I'd pass on Oblivion & Mass Effect, and rather play God of War or Burnout.  Huge single player MMO's just werent my forte but when I had a target gift card and it was only 50 bucks, i just went for it.  As for is going so far, so well see how long I can go before enjoyment turns to addiction, but I defiantly dont see that happening. So far Im about 5 hours in, have yet to go to Galaxy News Radio, and have just been side questing like crazy, going for more of a weapons kind of guy than a smooth talker.  The atmosphere is bananas and the amount of shit everywhere is crazy.  While I was nervous about jumping into a game where weight is an issue as well as stats and sidequests, Ive grown to appreciate the mechanics and systems in place.  As i move forward Im looking forward to just making this a true "make your own adventure" and enjoying the journey.