2 Button Games

This is a collection of all 2 button games I know about. The thing they got in common is that they are very arcadey which I like! If you know more to add the list, please tell me!

The ultimate dream is to create a homemade arcade cabinet that features two massive buttons. Maybe I should get some DK Bongos to start with?

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List items

  • Dave Lang. Best 2 button fighting game on the market!

  • Spent 27 hours in this game. Still great to come back to.

  • Fantastic game with lots of content. Wish it had Steam save cloud support!

  • Adds new gameplay mechanics to the 2 button formula from One Finger Death Punch. Very challenging but fun!

  • Pinball is awesome. Original tables that are based on existing IPs like Star Wars, The Walking Dead, different cartoons like Archer, South Park and a whole lot more!

  • Pinball is awesome. Based on real tables. Pick your poison!

  • Never played it but this is probably a 2 button game right?

  • Shmup that has an accessibility option that allows you to control the game with 1 button and it surprisingly works well! There is an arrow that points in the direction you can fly through and you can hold the space bar to go that way or tap it to change direction.