Best Typing Games on PC

It's surprisingly hard to find (good) typing games on PC. Here's the result of me searching all over the internet for the few gems that there are.

It turns out they are a niche genre in Japan (Typing Space Harrier anyone?!) but are basically non-existent in the west unless you count the countless low quality flash games or the very dry, purely educational "Marvis Beacon Teaches Typing" style of games.

Here are games that aren't available on the Giant Bomb Wiki:

Cooldog Teaches Typing: It's this dog that teaches you how to type. Pretty short but interesting!

Ztype: Simple flash typing game but well executed. You're a spaceship that needs to type words to destroy the enemy ships. Lots of words coming at you in the later levels!

Mr. Mix: This game is a gem. It's a short scary creepypasta typing game. Go play it, I bet barely anyone did.

God of Word. This game is coming out in September. It looks good but I can't be for sure. This game has terrible SEO!

List items

  • Available on Steam. Type words to kill zombies in this Grindhouse inspired House of the Dead game.

  • Free and awesome! Very high production values. This was made in a gamejam for the Something Awful forums.

  • Hard to find. This is a House of the Dead 2 remake that involves typing.

  • Very hard to find, is a Japanese only remake of House of The Dead 3.

  • Free and a sequel to the original Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing. This game is episodic. It's typing murder mystery?!

  • Available on Steam. I haven't played this one yet. There is a Quick Look available for it though. It looks great and well made. Looking forward to playing it!

  • Old game that is available on Steam. Made by Popcap games! It ends up being pretty onenote but it's pretty cheap and even has a demo. I did enjoy my time playing it.

    It involves typing sharks to death and even has bossfights!

  • Available on Steam. It's more of a Scrabble type game which I'm personally not a fan of but I'm including it in the list for completion and because other people seem to really like it. Looks fun and well made!

  • Available on Steam. It's a scrabble type game. Looks well made and it's cheap.