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Interesting Detective / Noir games

I'm creating a collection of interesting Detective/ Noir games mainly to remind me of the more obscure ones.


Not in Giant Bomb wiki:

Missing Machine: Game on not really a game per se but a virtual machine file that you plug into virtualbox to play it. Interesting


Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Agency, Arkham Investigator (now Mythos Tales), The Martian Investigations, Witness Board game, Call of Cthulhu

Not in the Giant Bomb wiki:

Detective Chirpums: Private Investigator: Bird detective visual novel with awesome graphics style. Check this game out other ones at Highly recommended!

JB Hairboll in Murder Flub: You're a detective cat who's solving the murder of a tadpole, it's great!

Happy Birthday: When a party for a wealthy family’s ten year old daughter ends with the birthday girl dead, her older sister missing, and the father refusing to call the police, the detective isn’t exactly conventional. She finds herself at the site of the crime – a rented out old mansion – without any trace of memory. It’s the landlady who tells her that she is a private investigator who’s been hired to catch the culprit and bring them to justice.

But how can she solve a murder when she can’t even deduce her own name? Was it one of the party goers who did the young guest of honor in? …Or was it the ghost said to wander the haunted halls? Can she manage to find the missing girl before another tragedy takes place?

…And will she be able to sleuth out her own memories and the meaning behind their disappearance at the same time?

Secret Missions: Mata Hari and the Kaiser's Submarines: You're Mata Hari and you need to seduce officers to get information. To do so you need to wear the right clothes and find out what the officer likes. You do this by breaking into his house to learn more about him. (Not sure how well it fits in this list but I'm always looking for excuses to talk about this game anyway)

The Elevator: Free short visual novel about a old detective meeting a girl in an elevator. Pretty cool! Found at

The Misadventures of Detective Butler: Visual novel with great production value. First episode is free and can be dowloaded at Webseries coming in 2015! (no branching paths)

Romance Detective: Free short visual novel that's delightfully flamboyant. (a couple of branching paths)

To Kill a Black Swan: Free short visual novel. This one has lots of branching paths and requires you to use your noggin.

List items

  • Haven't really played it, very point & clicky.

  • Loved this game besides the shooty bits.

  • Cool ideas, has some problems. Check my review here for potential turnoffs:

  • You're a rabbi solving a murder. Pretty short. Pretty fun.

  • Haven't played this one yet, might be good? Seems very point & clicky

  • If you accept the craziness that is David Cage go check it out! Also honourable mentions: Omikron, Beyond 2 Souls, Heavy Rain

  • It's kindof like professor Layton which kindof makes it a detective game?

  • Wizard of Oz done in a noir style setting. It's from the creator of the Blackwell series. Light on puzzles and focuses more on dialogue and story.

  • Detective game focused around fables, made by Telltale!

  • You inhabit the body of a cop. Great ideas. I liked it less and less when there were more supernatural elements introduced.

  • Available on the for 5 bucks (on sale, normally 10 bucks) The tabletop version has been mentioned on Idle Thumbs podcast. You basically need to solve a case for sherlock holmes. You need to do all the legwork, go to locations to search for clues, make deductions, answer some questions at the end and find the guilty party. There are lots of fantastic FMVS in it with Peter Farley as Sherlock and Warren Green as Watson!

    There is also a free Lovecraftian board game that's inspired by this called Arkham Investigator. I've talked to the developer and it seems like a passion project. I played it and it seems pretty cool!

  • Seems like a mobile game. Haven't played it yet.

  • I skipped the action platform sections as much as possible. Rest is pretty fun.

    Caveat: Only half the game is available on PC, rest are movies on youtube.

  • Simple but fun. Feels like a mobile game.

  • Haven't played it yet. Seems like a fun point & click.

  • My favorite of the Sherlock Holmes games. I recommend this one as your first entry in the series.

  • Very cool subject matter. Can be a bit repetitive because you go to same places a lot.

  • Haven't played it yet. Seems like fun.

  • You know this one.

  • Haven't played it yet. Seems interesting.

  • Go check out the Giant Bomb Quick Look of this. It's a very cool investigation game in the style of Phoenix Wright. It's more logically grounded than Phoenix Wright. Discovering clues in the crime scene is pretty easy since they're shown with hotspots but the challenge lies in making deductions, interrogating perps and catching them on lies!

    First case is free!

  • Last game Telltale made before The Walking Dead. I quite liked it. You investigate crime scenes, you interrogate people, you do lawyery stuff in court (with real lawyery terms), you can make deals with the opposition when you're completely owning them. Fantastic.

  • Only played the demo, have yet to play the full game. It seems FMV-fantastic. At heart still a point & click.

  • Game looks fabulous. I need to play this.

  • Graphics looks great. Heard it's pretty short? Still need to play.

  • Adventure game. Haven't played it yet.

  • This game features a new character in the Discworld universe, "Lewton, the Discworld's first and only private investigator". Story is done by God among men, Chris Bateman (google "Love Letter to Chris Bateman" for more!). Script had the blessing of Pratchett. Well worth playing with some cool twists.

  • Hideo Kojima made this. Looks interesting (and verbose)

  • Technically a lawyer and not a detective but hey, Phoenix Wright is cool!

  • Played the first game. Starts off slow but offers some great sleuthing!

  • It's like Professor Layton.

  • Is mostly a first person melee horror game but it has some awesome investigation sections =)

  • For the vast majority of the time you'll be doing some action platforming. There are times when you get your sleuthing hat on but it's pretty rare (andd pretty easy!)

  • The main character, Vic Mcpherson the FBI agent is awesome. She kindof reminds me of the main character of The Longest Journey. The game didn't hit all the high notes for me but I thought it was a very cool concept (and main character). You're a FBI agent investigating a murder. You investigate crime scenes and collect blood samples and analyse them. Fun!

    Apparently the first game in the series is great but I haven't played it yet.

  • Detective version of Phoenix Wright! Free and pretty awesome.

  • You question people and stuff =) Seems cool!

  • You investigate your own murder, great RPG Maker game. The creator also has a free online game called Why Am I Dead: Rebirth

  • You need to use the internet to solve stuff. Looks interesting!

  • Is better at Telltale style games than Telltale. Moody Noir adventure game where you play as a cop.

  • This game is like Twin Peaks. You're an FBI agent that comes to a small town to investigate the murder of a girl. Fun times!

  • You're a private investigator, trying to solve the murder of his wife. Weird funky game!

  • Investigate a murder. You can interrogate people FMV style, investigate crime scenes, very cool old overlooked game!

  • Kindof like a reverse detective game? You're a murderer who tries to get away with the crime, pretty cool!