Phoenix Wright Clones

List of Phoenix Wright clones. I'm always looking for more games add to the list! Do you know any?

Everyone needs more Phoenix Wright in their lives!

Not in Giant Bomb wiki:

Socrates Jones. Flash game. This game does some cool stuff with Phoenix Wright mechanics! Go check it out at

Various Phoenix Wright fan game sites! (collection of various engines to create PW games) (has some links to fangames) (has a healthy collection of fangames!)

List items

  • This one is pretty much a straight up clone of Phoenix Wright. First episode is free, recently finished its kickstarter. I like it!

  • Fedora Spade is a free game where you play as the hardboiled detective Fedora Spade. There are four cases to play and they can be pretty challenging! You collect evidence and disprove the suspect's lies by presenting the evidence at the correct time.

  • Level 5's take on Phoenix Wright! Pretty cool game where you play as as the snappy sidekick of Alfendi Layton. The story gets strangely dark at times? Go play it! First cases are free!

  • I can't believe I forgot to add this to the list! This game is a very capable Phoenix Wright clone made by Adult Swim games. This game made me a fan of the show!

  • Has a court style system like in Phoenix Wright. The pacing of the game is very different though. You're locked up in a school with your classmates, you can only get out if you murder someone and not get found out by the others. After every murder there is a court held between the students and you try to find out who's lying. The court has some funky minigamelike systems and you fire truth bullets at the person who you think is guilty! Fun stuff!

  • Has a cool art style. I think it's a well made game even though I personally didn't end up liking it as much as I wanted to. It tries to do a spin on the Phoenix Wright tropes.