The Handful of Leap Motion Games That Don't Suck

The Leap Motion isn't great. It functions well mostly but the space in which it detects your hands is quite limited and it will sometimes lose track of your hands for no good reason at all.

The selection on the Leap Motion App store is none too fantastic. Lots of crappy games / mobile ports on there! I managed to find a couple that don't completely suck and which I would recommend to play if you own a Leap Motion controller!

Not in Giant Bomb wiki:

Kyoto It's an audiovisual experience that's barely interactive but looks pretty. Good way to start your Leap Motion experience.

Rythm Red Alert: Prologue It's a rythm game with a snarky robot dude giving you sass. It's pretty short with only 5 songs and pretty hard but quite fun!

Many Mini Things Warioware clone! And a pretty good one at that! For every minigame you complete, you get a toy from the toy vending machine which gives you a figurine that you can put on your shelf. There's a decent variation of minigames but unfortunately there's not any form of stage select so when you start over you will see the same "beginner" mini games popping up a lot.

Q Self proclaimed "art experience" but probably a better game than most of the other games on the Leap Motion store. It's an on rails shooter where you use your hand to blast cubes at other cubes. It's only a couple of minutes long but I had quite a lot of fun with it.

I'm hesistant to try out some of the paid games on the store, partially because most look like crap and partially because there are hardly any reviews for them out there. Some of the ones I'd like to try out are OctoRythm, Pop Up, Half-Inch Heist Turbo and Runes.

There is a cool app on the store called Handwave for computer control stuff. My Leap Motion is now relegated to a trendy volume control device, whoo!

Also special shoutout to Powers of Minus Ten which seems like a cool sciencey exploration app.

List items

  • Mediocre on rails shooter. Humor is funny but gameplay is a bit long and repetitive. You will autoshoot to where you're pointing your finger, it's a bit slowpaced. You can swipe down to reload, swipe to to right to switch guns and there are a couple of QTE's that require swiping which works pretty well.

  • Maybe the only game that genuinely is made for the Leap Motion. Sort of a two finger rythm game. Is pretty great when the Leap Motion doesn't lose track of your hands!

  • You create robots from debris that fight for you. You use your one hand for WASD and the other hand to control the camera and shoot stuff. I personally think the Leap Motion detracts from the experience rather than adds to it but it's made by Double Fine and it's one of the few games on the store that transcend "tech demo" status (barely).