Futures in games and movies that might happen.

This is a list of futures that might see happen but most likely not thou.

List items

  • I think this is the most thought out future that has been in any movie or game. Oh yeah Two weeks. sorry i am watching it right now on SyFy that part is happing right now. It always freaked the hell out of me when I was little.

  • They built up a world that you could really take in.

  • This movie was really great plus the aliens were pretty cool. Plus it made it look like Milla jovovich could act.

  • Halo barrows so much from other movies that it just fits in line with what we would want the future to be.

  • Maybe I just want to dance with Ulla.

  • I am talking about the game plus its kinda funny that the FMV are better then the dam movie which is pretty funny.

  • If it can be a sport in korea it might happen.

  • This might happen since we may be on the brink of a nuclear war. It may not be the same but living in vaults and trying to not get rad sickness. It may turn out more like the road. Then anything else.

  • I could see a war with robots. Plus I am talking about the new show that just ended a while ago.

  • Chainsaws rule.

  • Wormholes are cool plus it would explain alot.

  • I think zombies would be much different. I think it would be more like Dead Rising but less goofy.