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Absolutely stunning fighter 0

Well having not played this in the arcade I came to this totally fresh and boy was i pleasantly surprised. Am a big SF 2 fan, but missed out on SF III. Okay the graphics are wonderful with such smooth animation. A large range of options and help you configure this to your hearts content.Playing with my hori arcade stick I have not enjoyed a fighter this much in years. There are so many layers to this game, it will take a long time to master, but boy you will have fun doing so!LOVE THIS GAME!...

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My favourite game in the series 0

After reading a review of this in a long dead Amstrad magazine where it received the Mastergame award, I had to rush out and buy this.The fact it was  a £2.99 budget title made the decision very easy.Boy was i glad! This is the first in the series of 4 i have played. Its a 2d spectrum port with monochrome graphics where you control Magic Knight and have to escape the spaceship and return to your time solving puzzles along the way. The puzzles are generally well thought out and are at a nice diff...

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