My biggest FIFA 13 problem

So FIFA 13 came out over a month ago, and yet again, another year, I am addicted. I know most gamers, aren't into sports games, but this is the one that I cannot get enough of. I don't know what it is about the game, but just like in real life, its virtual counterpart is mesmerizing and beautiful. I do like how this year EA Sports decided to go for a more unpredictable and realistic nature that occurs on any given matchday. But this isn't a problem for me. It's the fact that EA decided to overhaul their career mode.

Overall, the career mode has improved in ways. Little things like being able to edit your virtual pro is a huge addition as well as making more transfers more realistic are great. But where the issue lies is now I only get two options in Career mode and it's either play as a (virtual) pro or a manager. Unlike FIFA 11 and 12, there is no outside option to create your pro and make whatever edits you'd like for new career modes you may want to play.

On top of that I don't even have the option of being a player manager this year 'round. I loved being able to call the shots as a manager whilst playing as my virtual pro.

When I first put in the game, the first thing I looked for was creating your VP and then start playing a player manager for Liverpool. This was not to be found this year though. So I went with what I thought was the next best thing which was entering career mode and seeing what options they had and to my chagrin it was only play as a (virtual) pro or manager. There was, dumbfounded and a little irritated, but I moved on and made my pro. After creating my pro, I get into the game and it was pretty cool seeing how I can request a transfer if I don't like how the manager is running things or a loan if I want to get some experience and playing time for another team. That was a great addition to career mode, no doubt. But seeing as how I like to control an entire team, it made me even more irritated that in every game, regardless of how my pro played (in this case, I was getting about a rating of 9 every match), I got subbed.

That just doesn't make sense to me. In real life, no manager would ever replace a player playing well unless fitness or injury was the issue. Granted since this was the start of my career, I understood that I would be subbed in as my stamina was not all that great at the time. As time passed and I was completing more accomplishments for my pro, I gained a rating of 86 in stamina. Compared to other players, I am in the above average bracket considering that I am also an attacking midfielder. Next to my teammates, they are either a couple of points behind me or much lower than me, yet they are playing an entire simulated 90 minutes while here I am getting subbed in around the 55-60 minute mark.

After doing some research, I have come to find out that just controlling your pro rather than the entire team, brings about a whole new dynamic. Now my pro is never getting subbed out, and if he is, it is very rare. It's usually only in the case of injury.

After playing over 150 games in a month, it baffles me that FIFA 13 hasn't be able to balance this issue out. On top of that, why even overhaul a fairly simple and awesome feature from past games? I loved being able to create on pro and if for one career I can make him a midfielder and in another I can make him a goalie without having to start from scratch every time. As much as I love playing FIFA, I have a short attention span with career modes. I love jumping around, from one team to the next and having my pro still be decent regardless of what position I changed him to.

In FIFA 12, I worked my butt off trying to get enough accomplishments to make one of the best players I could at any given position. I don't want to have to do another 1,000 passes as a defender just to bring my passing up 1 point as I have already done so with my current midfielder. I don't want to have to try and poach another 110 (why 110, and not 100) goals as a forward, even though I have notched up over that amount to bring up my finishing by another point.

My only guess as to FIFA changing the mode is that they found that it was easy for people to create or alter teams/formations, etc., so people could easily boost their VP's. Seeing as how that could be an issue, why does it matter to them anyway? It's only speeding up the process and it only will make those who play in online clubs more competitive. The opposite isn't going to happen. If anything, FC Barcelona vs. Liverpool FC in my case, is more of a turnoff than anything. Try making online mode a bit more fair, before changing career modes. Don't get me wrong I love a good underdog story, but when a majority of the people playing online, play as thee best team in the world, that gets a bit annoying. But I digress.

I know even more die hard FIFA fans may disagree with me, but I am a lazy FIFA player. I like playing the way I play. I have no qualms about it. It is how I am able to enjoy the game to it's fullest. If FIFA keeps the same concept up for 14, I may stop playing the game or try PES or just move on from sports games all together. Who knows what the future holds, but EA, and those specifically working on future FIFA games, please bring back the original Virtual Pro modes we had in FIFA's 11 and 12.