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Completed Games - List started 2012

An on going list of games I've actually completed, from recent memory at least...

List items

  • Middle of the road Halo game, decent entry for 343 though.

  • Fantastic shooting and looting.

  • One of the best action tower defense games I've ever played.

  • One of the GOTY slots for me, great story telling and characters.

  • Decent campaign, one of the better FPS MP games.

  • Silly yet solid sand box game, not the best.

  • Average shooter with a unique enough story to be good.

  • Over 100 hours of enjoyment, ran out of new and interesting things around that point though, still lacking combat but great world exploring.

  • Great story, fun action, gorgeous graphics. I played the enhanced edition on PC in 2012.

  • The Next game I beat after Halo 4 and I enjoyed the SP more than that of Halo 4. Better guns, better combat, longer campaign, felt more "badass" as a player/character, just better, weird this game wasn't more highly regarded.

  • I'm glad I beat the entire game but I surely wasn't left wanting for more. It's a fun and rewarding experience but after you run out of upgrades there's still a chunk of just combat material. Having to rely solely on the combat once you run out of all the upgrades gets a little long in the tooth. I found myself wanting to skip fights only to be forced to do them so nations wouldn't drop out. The amount of "luck" one may or may not have in this game can also be perplexing.

  • looked great, played great, story and characters were kinda bad. unlikable protagonists and irrelevant support characters.

  • Beautiful game, good action, good story.

  • Infinite was not just a lazy coat tails game of Bioshock. Enough new grounds were walked on to be fresh. The entire package from, setting, story, shooting and more was all there

  • For a $15 this was great. 4 hours of 6 shooter slinging in the old west.

  • Been ages since I played nintendo titles, Mario Kart 7 was a good ride and the series still holds up. I could see it getting stale with a new installment always coming though.

  • Not a huge replay value game, but going on this ride one time was well worth it. Great story telling with some intense action. Loved it!

  • another short but awesome campaign experience.

  • silky smooth and still great.

  • best, setting, time period yet and rid of the desmond crap.

  • fantastic single player game but after the story wrapped the game falls off a cliff.

  • hate if you want, the campaign was another fun roller coaster ride.

  • campaign not as good as ghosts but the gfx were beautiful.

  • fair shooting, interesting premise, decent world... eventually the story went a little nutty for me though.

  • but the HD version, some missions got tedious but it was fun enough while it lasted playing a mission here or there.

  • from the HD collection, the art style works well with a res buff and the game play holds up amazingly well even in 2014. a couple puzzles or challenges were too tedious/frustrating but over all a very fun experience.

  • the music, the tightness of the game play, the shitty yet awesome art style... lots of a fun for a tiny investment. i also hate beat your head against a wall type games but this one was different, speaks volumes.

  • surprisingly well done open world game for a first attempt in a new IP. never doubted that I'd finish it which speaks highly. 4/5. watch dogs 2 should be better, I'll be waiting.

  • again a surprising entry in a franchise that was bordering on irrelevance. good characters, good story, great gun action, good graphics. for a shooter this was good. maybe an hour so too long. 4/5.

  • similar to crysis 2, worth a romp through but no more. felt the tiring 3/4 of the way and had to force a finish near the end. thankfully it didn't get punishingly difficult or frustrating or i would have never finished it.