Tank's top 10 games of 2015

List items

  • The Taken King made a middling game with solid shooting an absolutely great game. The best shooting I can think of and it looks great doing it on consoles. After putting in the most hours of any game this year I just wished there was more new content, a true sign of a great game.

  • One of the best looking games I've ever played. Some of the best story telling I've ever seen a game, albeit some I also didn't much care about. Yet some system issues and the fact that after I saved Ciri the story nearly completely fell off for me I still had an extremely enjoyable ~50 hours here. But it could have held me longer and should have in this world.

  • Basically the best Forza game I've ever played. Simply being credit rich and allowing you to buy whatever and experiment with any tuning options was the best choice to make within the top mainstream racing system. Just fun and they don't make you get through hoops to do it.

  • Boring choice, but I put a lot of hours into Madden this year and it didn't disappoint like some years. Flaked off on plenty of other titles this year but this had hooks for a while.

  • Released on XBONE in 2015. Put a solid few days played into this, loves the gems matching with a little extra card strategy. Got to level 50 before losing a taste for it.

  • A fairly short run, but was interesting and exciting. Also the only game this year where my wife wanted to sit in for the entire game, that in itself deserves credit.

  • 2014 game but whatever, I played it this year. Happily dove in for 20+ hours, planning, learning and tightening my logistics.

  • Lower on my list because it was tough to squeeze out a lot of hours but the charm, humor and tight mechanics of this game were top notch and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it, hard to say often.

  • This series is extremely hit or miss. Black Flag being the first AC I truly enjoyed and by the end still wanted to set sail. The longer I play Syndicate the closer I get to this feeling. It's likely the best playing AC game to date, still with issues but the least. I've yet to finish it entirely but already 15+ hours in I've had a good enough experience to get it on here somewhere.