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Unfinished for good! - List started 2012

This list compiles the games I have attempted to finish but likely grew bored with before the end, no looking back. These games can range from bored 1/2 way through to horrible.

List items

  • bored after 2 hours...

  • looked great, just didn't click right for me.

  • Tried but not for me, I guess making difficult choices isn't a thing/hard/exciting for me.

  • Poor action, didn't like the world. Looked to me like a poor eastern european steam punk.

  • Good combat and that's about it, got boring.

  • Demo Derby was fun, but it's a small part of the game and can only be fun for so long, the rest was a drag and done better elsewhere.

  • Not a fan of kicking myself in the balls for small mistakes while playing video games.

  • Poorly executed game in a increasingly boring genre.

  • First one was pretty good, this one not so much.

  • First one was too long but decent, this one too long and worse.

  • Just no......

  • I can really get into some plat-formers but not this one.

  • Got on 1/2 off sale, still not worth it, errand boy quests with very simple mechanics and poor/cheese writing.

  • A more mature Mario Kart, but not as well executed, bored quickly.

  • I wanted to like it but was just meh...

  • I enjoyed my experience with this game but it wasn't good enough to make want more for the entire ride. After about 10 hours in it was very repetitive and I had no desire to go further.

  • Finally decided to go back and try this with the release of Off the Record due to the changes and some more freedom. Sadly still just as shitty an experience as I had when I played the original.

  • Soulless, hollow and dated.

  • Enjoyed the first one. Apparently the formula was either a one hit wonder for me or Mass Effect 2 was hollow because I didn't care what happened. The shooting was also pretty bad. Got bored, even tried to go back a couple times.

  • First five minutes are amazing and give Rage some of the most fertile starting ground in gaming. After that it falls short time and time again. Errand boy questing, linear paths, progression and feels old. Rage is like a bad borderlands and then minus the fun.

  • When I was younger I loved me some original Dungeon Siege. I still would be willing to go back today as the mechanics are a great example of crawling hack and slash. Dungeon Siege 3 just doesn't seem to pull it together, I fought on for over an hour and had no desire to continue. I couldn't even fall back on a single vague story beat to keep me going, it was just boring.

  • Driver on PS had to be one of my favorite games, the series has sputtered since then and hasn't evolved at pace with the industry. Everything in this game has been done better elsewhere. The car switching technique is interesting but only for a few minutes. Bland game with a seemingly dead world.

  • It looks fantastic and from all outside perspectives one would think this would be a great follow up to the Hitman franchise. Well they would be wrong, this game just doesn't pull it all together. I could have cared less about the story and the missions didn't have enough sandbox game play to keep it fresh. Hard to describe but just not very interesting.

  • Sort of funny, but became boring very fast.

  • Tried to play this 2 different times solely based off Jeff's recco. Couldn't do it.

  • Combat was ok, nearly everything else was not.

  • Below average in a world filled with average.

  • A fairly good game, but I could never play it enough to finish it. It looks stunning.

  • Fun for a bit, but after a while I don't enjoy poking myself in the eye.

  • Should have been an arcade release for $15 at the start. Entertainment value is there but short lived and 1 dimensional.

  • I played this past the point of initial boredom to see if it got better. It didn't. Simply average mechanics with a hollow and lifeless world filled with poor level and enemy design.

  • Tried playing it when it came out, bought it ~2 years later for $1. Got to nearly the same place as I did the first time and just can't do it. I'm not nearly bored enough to tough this game out.

  • Looks good, slicing mechanic is kinda of cool... But overall this is way to Japanese for me. Like that weird/bad kind of Japanese. Tons of kooky Japanese music during all the fight sequences, loud yelling all the time and that ridiculous Dragon Ball Z like fighting style where your character can toss a giant mech like a baseball. Very predictable and in ways I don't like to begin with. It's been a while but I don't remember MGS4 being like this at all.

  • A burnout/nfs combo sounds good, and it is, but nothing feels fresh and random nearly unavoidable traffic crashes putting an end to your race just isn't enough to keep me going when I've already done it before.

  • Hearing that Dead Space 3 was different and had more action game roots I gave it a shot. Still doesn't cut it for me. Slow gameplay with monsters that are massive bullet sponges(boring). Bored me within a couple hours.

  • Heard a lot about it, 30 minutes in and I cannot go any further... Boring and too much "japan".

  • Finally got a wii, july 2013... I get it, but either it's not me or doesn't have enough polish anymore in 2013 to cut it. Was fun for a couple hours but there is better strategy elsewhere to be had.

  • Really fun gameplay, but too hard. just too hard. i don't have the time or lifestyle to punch myself in the balls in my free time.

  • Played black 2 for 25 hours, the excitement has burned out. Hopefully the real 3ds version can rekindle the fun with the updates.

  • Got about 2/3 of the way through and with 3d land on the 3ds and mario galaxies on wii yet to play I hung this one up, wasn't bad but 3d land is much more fun.

  • What the actual fuck.... I don't get it. I can just muster up enough appreciation for the cuteness of mario, luigi and maybe kirby but this is far too much disney junior weirdo shit for me.

  • Interesting, but bored quickly. Play it for an hour or so.

  • heard it was different from traditional forza, it is but in a total douche, rave, dubstep, angsty teen kind of way... no thanks.

  • great fun for a while, near the end gets to difficult to continue to the fun. this is coming from a guy who's not really into nintendo though.

  • maybe i burned out on galaxy 2 but after about 1/2 way this started to bore me.

  • the fun didn't outweigh some of the difficulty here again...

  • twisted metal 2 and twisted metal black were some youth favorites... this game looks and plays like it came out only a couple years after those not well after 10 years later...

  • i can see the direction but it'd have to be a different life with tons of time on my hands to spend it here, just not good enough to keep me in.

  • the new look, style, character and music were all at least interesting... but it's still a bit too japan for me and unless you really enjoy the combat it's a dud. i bored within a couple hours.

  • runs shoddy, and is the new king of brown... in 2014 wtf... there was simply nothing there to keep me hooked in the slightest for the first hour.

  • I was sucked in for the entirety of ME 1, but I think that was simply because it had that new car smell. ME2 bored quickly and now ME3 especially w/ the new action mode bored slightly less quickly but still didn't care to finish it.

  • i knew going in for me these games are worth a couple hours of zombie smashing. past that way to overdone.

  • similar to dead rising this was fun but only for a couple hours. the variety here is slim to none but it looks good and has solid combat.

  • a bit better than ryse and dead rising 3 but i still could only muster the courage for 3/4 of the game. it looked great but was very predictable. after 3/4 through i'd seen exactly what they to offer.

  • GOW hasn't aged well. i played through the first 2 titles a few times a piece through all difficulties with friends. GOW3 was a one and done that felt old and even with trying to streamline judgement it still felt even older in todays age. made it about a 1/3 through and didn't want anymore.