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Saints Row The Third and One Half. 0

Saints Row IV is coming off the insane possibly drug induced creations of saints Row III. Saints Row III was a full upgrade in the franchise, packing in tons of truly crazy fun. Some of the most ludicrous things seen in games have been seen in SR 3. SR 4 itself is a hard game to review, what is does well, it does well. What it does poorly, well it does it poorly. Thankfully what it does well is in the fun column and the fun column carries some weight around these parts, but let's not put all our...

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"Because No One Else Will" 0

I came into Assassins Creed 3 knowing I wasn't a big fan of the first few games. They weren't horrible, but the good parts simply weren't enough to outweigh the annoyances or differences in taste. With AC3 I knew the setting was completely different as well as the characters, enemies and story. That alone was enough for me to give it a shot and I'm glad I did as AC3 while still having some tedious bits also has some amazing ones that are well worth experiencing. The gameplay over all is stunning...

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Call of Juarez: This One Doesn't Suck. 0

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is one of those games that can be lost in the dust in mere weeks if you don't look for it. Gunslinger comes from a series that never garnered much regard even with their better releases let alone the "Cartel". On top of that Gunslinger hits at the $15 release price, just more possible evidence you could just look this one over. Well let me tell you, you shouldn't let this one go to the forgotten pile. The game play is similar to that of Bound in Blood, an earlier rele...

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Don't hate me bro. 1

Halo 4 starts a new journey for the franchise where Bungie handed the reigns over to 343 Industries. The big question was whether or not 343 could do Halo justice and not ruin the franchise. After finishing Halo 4 I went back and played a little ODST, Halo 3 and Reach for a small refresher. I can officially say 343 has not ruined Halo, but we already were pretty sure of that right? However I can also say that 343 hasn't made Halo any better, yet.In the gameplay department it looks and feels like...

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Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun. 0

After nearly a decade we are finally offered up another Max Payne game by none other than Rockstar. As someone who was not entirely a fan of the originals from Remedy I went into Max Payne 3 with varied expectations. Thankfully Rockstar has not only made a great game but they have brought an aged franchise into modern times and done it quite well.The gameplay is typical of Rockstar third person games in the essence of Red Dead and GTA. However unlike in GTA the character movement doesn't seem so...

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Minion! 0

Lets just get to the chase here, Borderlands 2 is simply a stunning game. Not a life changing event or anything but easily recommended in the hours of fun department. It's the original Borderlands with an actual story backed by great vocals and more. If guns are your thing than Borderlands 2 should bought with two hands and a foot. There are simply thousands of guns, customized grenades, character upgrades and amazingly enough they all feel different and great in their own ways. The best and wor...

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Old Salty Crab 0

The part you want to here is this, Sleeping Dogs is actually a really good game, seriously. Story and character driven and most importantly very limited in the tedious game ruining attributes often seen. Sleeping Dogs takes enough from other popular games and does those features equal or more justice than originally so, as well as shedding some of the elements that made previous open world crime games more tedious than need be.The over all gameplay in Sleeping Dogs is neither a high or low point...

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You're still a good person. 0

Spec Ops: The Line gives many the mental image of a COD or BF game with a 1/4 the budget and nearly equal parts fun and excitement. I decided to give it a try simply based on some undertones I've been hearing about the story. After around a 6 hour campaign I can say that this game isn't that bad mechanically and is a slightly better than average shooter. That sounds bleak but the story, yes the damn story is the highlight of this FPS game. It won't be winning any best sellers but it definitely w...

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Hurry up Mr. B 0

I realize that Bioshock is a slightly older game these days but reviewing games I beat for the first time is sort of becoming habit at this point. That said Bioshock was a game that at launch didn’t pull me in. I tried to get into it multiple times since release but it just didn’t do it for me… until now. I finally decided to go through Bioshock whether or not I enjoyed it or not. Surprisingly after giving Bioshock a little more time the game sunk its hooks in.The game play in Bioshock isn’t ama...

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What drugs can do kids. 1

Saints Row: The Third is a game where reality is thrown completely out the window and the idea of tedious things such as opening silly car doors and simple gravity are put in the burn barrel. And for the most part tossing all reality out turns out to be beneficial in the fun department.The gameplay is like that of similar sand box titles like GTA and Just Cause but holds a tighter play style. Character actions are snappy and fast not allowing for many “syrupy” car crashes and missed punches. We ...

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Horse hero. 0

TES: Skyrim is a caliber of game that only comes around every few years and it should be treated as such. When going in I had no idea what Skyrim was actually going to bring to the table, something along the lines of Fallout, Oblivion or Morrowind but I learned early on that it is astonishingly better than any previous Bethesda game. I decided to wait to write this review until I felt I had played enough to eat a full dish of what Skyrim was serving. To get to this point I’m sitting at 50 hours ...

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Deserves a little hate... 0

Modern Warfare 3 is a weird game to summarize in a review. On its own merits if you’ve never played a Modern Warfare game before it’s a solid MP game that offers a block buster yet very short lived SP campaign. On the other hand if you look at it from a standpoint where this is the 4th game in 4 years of this current CoD life cycle and there have been absolutely no material changes to the engine or formula it can be somewhat of a yawner.The game play is everything we already know and expect. Whe...

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It does the name well. 1

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North is one of the most poorly timed released games I can think of in recent history. Releasing a game between BF3, MW3, Uncharted 3 and TeS: Skyrim is like making a game and then figuratively shooting it in the foot. Sadly that is the most news worthy thing about this title and that’s not saying that this game isn’t good, because it is, good.The game play in War of the North starts out on the wonky side. You cannot run at all, only a slight jog and there is no...

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Like fine wine. 1

Naughty Dog must be making other developers feel shamed. The crew at Naughty Dog is pushing video game limits as far as we’ve seen to this day and further than many had ever thought possible on this current gen of consoles. Uncharted 3 is another great game and arguably from an objective standpoint the best in the series. Uncharted 2 was ground breaking in the sense that it’d never been done that well before and Uncharted 3 simply tweaked the formula even that much more.The game play in Uncharte...

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King of the Hill. 1

Battlefield 3 is a game that should be looked at in a slightly different light than most others. The bread and butter of this title is in its multi-player and the bread and butter is mighty tasty. The single player campaign in a Battlefield title should be looked at as a secondary feature like most game’s multi-player portion is. That said the single player campaign itself is surprisingly well done and should not be overlooked.The multi-player in BF3 is essentially everything you like in Battlef...

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The boyscout does good! 0

Arkham City is such a well polished game it makes the persistently nagging “good guy” batman attitude become a non issue even for me and I’m quite the supporter of eye for an eye justice.I’m no expert or even a fan of Batman fiction so a few characters in this title were a bit confusing but the core of the story was easy to follow and entertaining for even the most lacking Batman fans. The leading characters voice acting was superb and yet again the Joker is a shining achievement in character qu...

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Milk it. 0

Dead Island is a long game with a short list of variety. In Dead Island you get to choose from a shallow list of shitty characters that are so bad you don't actually want to pick any of them. But that doesn't pose a real problem as the story in this game is boring, predictable and forgettable.The plain and simple zombie bashing is all that holds this game together. If smashing, bashing or stomping countless zombies into bits while being rewarded with the sounds of wet meat through a wood chipper...

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Father Brown! 0

Gears of War 3 is a solid game and equally as good as any of the previous titles in the series. Now depending on how much you enjoy this game will wholly depend on how much you enjoy the Gears formula. Much of Gears 3 doesn't change the core formula at all. But if you are a fan of the Gears games this will no doubt be a must play as it offers up well oiled Gears play and quite an acceptable finish to the series.I was skeptical going into Gears 3 regarding how well this type of game without new i...

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Pigs Fly 0

There's not much to say about Hard Reset, it's a simple game that deserves a simple review. Considering this is a PC only game with a launch price of only $30.00 it makes it possible to give praise. Although I feel like this could have been a killer XBLA title for only $15.00 and it would have wiped the floor.Hard Reset honors the roots of which FPS games originated from by offering fast action, zero reloads, lots of monsters and environmental explosions.... yes barrels and the like. There is al...

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LieuFFFtenant 0

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is the first third person action game of the Warhammer series and they sure have done a fantastic job at building the game. But that doesn't mean they made it an entirely fun experience.Albeit a very, very linear world with lots of grey and brown what they have created looks very sharp. The game mechanics feel smooth and work well within the game as well as the fluidity of character action and movement. This space marine journey will offer around a 7-9 hour experie...

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Fun but forgettable... 0

Resistance 3 is a hard game for me to form a final opinion on. I'm not sure if I actually liked it or not. To get this out of the way rather quickly I did not dislike the game at all. I'm just very split between fully enjoying it or simply liking it enough to finish it. Thinking about the experience while typing this I feel it was honestly in between those two. It was better than many games that I've liked enough just to finish but at the same time I won't be raving about the experience or remem...

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Amazing production value from an arcade title! 0

Before I review a new game I usually like to wait a day or so after I complete it to let it fully soak in and not get caught up in any recent play hype. That said Bastion is a game that I still feel very comfortable recommending and the overwhelming majority of things I can say about this title are good indeed.For an arcade release, arcade budget and arcade price this is well worth the money. I will say I found that Bastion had to grow on me a little bit, initially I had mixed opinions but once ...

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It's... Madden?! 0

Reviewing Madden every year must become quite a tedious task. I mean the NFL itself usually doesn't change enough to bat an eye at nor does the technology both regarding software and hardware that creates these games. That said I feel that Madden and other sports games need to have something of their own rating criteria. You cannot realistically expect an entirely fresh experience on a yearly basis with no new hardware and sports that continue to follow long standing traditions.Essentially if yo...

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Best in series! 0

First I must say I got my copy for $25 months after release and understandably I expect less from a game the less I pay and the less hype I have around playing it. That said for no hype and $25 I found Killzone 3 to be a blast figuratively and literally.Now looking at this from a block buster, big budget, hyped, $60 release I still found it quite entertaining just not enough to blow my socks off per say.Hands down I want to say that this is by far the best game in the series. Killzone was nothin...

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Only fifteen bucks! 0

For fifteen dollars folks... fifteen dollars on release this game offers quite the sizable package. For an arcade release this game is for lack of a better word bangin'.TS: Cold War offers up a bountiful amount of 80's throwback and charm. Rambo references, Top Gun jackets and sounds of the 80's galore. Now that may sound cheesy but they picked the most delightfully memorable bits, not the parachute pants and house clock necklaces.The game play is that of the previous TS arcade releases leaving ...

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Great acheivement, but does that mean fun? 0

  Essentially this is a very well done game, it deserves a lot of credit for its polish.   But at the same time does that translate to fun?   For some people yes and others not at all.   I fall into the camp of mostly no, the amount of sheer fun and excitement in this game were to heavily drown out by the tedious, boring and unexciting sifting of detective work. The graphics were smooth and the new tech with character face animation capture is amazing for games but isn't as close to reality as s...

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Good bargain bin game. 0

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days is a perfect bargain bin title. It offers a quick romp through an adult third person shooter with lots of violence, cussing, blood and guns throughout. The story isn't anything great but is enough to hold your attention for it's short duration as well. At full launch retail price this game would likely leave you disappointed but seems to have much more value at half that price point. Kane and Lynch 2 has just enough meat and potatoes to fulfill the needs of...

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Underrated.. at a discounted price! 0

Dark Void, when trying to come up with the feeling I got from this game they are quite mixed. I thoroughly enjoyed portions of this game and other portions I found myself looking around for someone to punch.. but in the end enjoyment reigned supreme.To start off I will say it seems clear that the dev team decided to try take some of the pizzazz from the Uncharted series. Characters, scenery, voice acting, third person cover based shooter and a few various other things seem quite apparent from th...

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Fun. Repetitive. Fun. Repetitive. 0

Borderlands, Borderlands, Borderlands.... You are an odd game, a truly fun game and a very repetitive game. My experience with borderlands was a unique one, essentially it's one game I have played for 10 or so hours, thoroughly enjoyed every hour I played but found myself becoming quite bored as there is virtually no story and the game play literally doesn't change from the first level. Waiting by my side was a giant pile of games that still has titles from 2009 I had needed to play yet. After y...

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play if you're sick of a better FPS 0

I wanted to really enjoy this game but it simply cannot hold my interest nearly as much a good game should. I play a fair amount of games and expect there to be fantastic game play, beautiful art or a compelling story to really get me into the game. Even meeting one of the requirements is usually enough for me to really enjoy a game. This title falls short on all fronts in my opinion. The guns are boring and bland with run of the mill action and nothing that makes you say "cool" when you shoot i...

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Not just another WWII shooter. 0

The first thing I need to make clear is this game is not another run of the mill WWII shooter. It is a FPS game that takes place in WWII but it offers game play mechanics that are rarely if ever seen in the run of the mill WWII FPS titles, thankfully this game has those features as it is what separates it from the dark abyss of uncompleted forgettable games.BIA: HH offers you the ability to command various squads to fight by your side. You can instruct these squads to set up flanks, suppress fir...

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Near perfect mix of stealth, action, story and revenge. 0

The best sleeper of the year and possibly game of the year for me. Many games I find myself bored before I even finish them and I feel like I need to force myself to complete them. Splinter Cell: Conviction was far from a forced finish. I thoroughly enjoyed playing every mission in this game. It seemed to have a beautiful balance of stealth and action while leaning towards more action, which I prefer. The variety of the levels kept everything fresh and the fantastic graphics made it even better....

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A surpisingly well done NFS title. 0

  Short, Sweet and…. unedited. First off this new NFS game isn’t the typical slam bam thank you mam, speed fest we’ve become accustom too.   This game try’s to dip it’s feet into the sim racing field and in my opinion does fairly well.    It’s not a full blown sim where you need to tweak your car every race through a complex menu system but it does offer a fairly hefty range of customizable options, via paint, body styles, upgrades, and tuning just not into full detail which many can appreciate...

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This father is getting mighty old. 2

I'll start with this: For what this should have been and could have been it's a here's my unedited diarrhea of text mini review:i'm fairly disappointed with this title, in large part because if it’s title. it's nothing special, just a decent shooter but by no means an award winner... the standard guns are the same boring ones in every other ww2 game, there are a few scifi ones but they are too similar to other games, shooting doesn't feel as good as it does is some other top s...

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