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A Step In the Right Direction 0

With City of the Daleks, Sumo Digital established a new set of Doctor Who adventure games, attempting to inject the video game side of the franchise with some of the vitality and intrigue of the new TV series. Unfortunately, the first of the Doctor's outings never reached the heights set by the show. The second installment of the episodic set makes a real attempt at correcting the bland puzzles, simple exploration and unresponsive mini-games that plagued the first. This time we find the Doctor i...

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All Charm and No Substance 0

The Doctor Who franchise does not have a storied history of adventure games. In fact there is very little in the Doctor Who back catalog at all. So with the rejuvenation of the TV series, and the go ahead to have a crack at a set of episodic adventure games, Sumo had the chance to create something that set the standard for Doctor Who games. Superficially, it does everything right; both Matt Smith and Karen Gillian are present, and the clean, stylized visuals fit perfectly in the Who universe. Th...

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A Prettier Shadow of its Former Self 0

Four years ago Leon Kennedy burst onto our screens in what would come to define the survival horror genre. Resident Evil 4 blended classic Resi frights and puzzles with modern day action orientated controls. The result was possibly the best entry in Capcom’s illustrious series. Now, after years of anticipation fraught with speculation, the sequel to the critically acclaimed game has arrived. Resident Evil 5 once again puts players in the shoes of Chris Redfield, except this time they’ll find the...

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Overblown Comparisons; or the Homeric Ocarina. 1

 If ever there was a representation of the collective mythoi of our society in video game form; traversing the traditional narrative of a journey of discovery, growth and maturity, it would undoubtedly be, for me, Ocarina of Time. I'm here saying this not as a rabid fan, but as someone who recently returned to the classic, with mild appraisal, intent on evaluating what about this experience tapped into so many young gamers back in 1998. The core success in Ocarina lies in the way Nintendo gears ...

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