Grand Tour Gaming

Hey Duders!

On a bit of a nostalgia kick lately, but as I sat down to boot up Earthbound on the Wii U Virtual Console I had a question burning in the back of my mind. Do I seriously have time to play this? Admittedly the amount of games I am able to play through has drastically decreased since beginning my teaching career 3 years ago. I manage to keep up to date with the hits, but recreational gaming has decreased drastically.

Time is a precious resource, and you need to find creative ways to do the things you like with the little amount of time you have.

ENTER: Grand Tour Gaming.

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I couldn't justify sitting on the couch to play Earthbound while neglecting exercise time. For the past week i've been using this bike, and Earthbound to kill two birds with one stone. I usually do 30-45 mins of biking daily, and I can't wait to share the story with you all. So please, stay tuned for updates.

In Earthbound I just arrived at Twoson, and looking forward to providing updates to you all.