Top Games of 2019

I played more games than these this year, but these are the best games I played that were released this year. 2019 was also the year I subscribed to Gamepass, and I am going to do another list ranking my top 10 games from that service this year. Hope you enjoy.

List items

  • Man, what a nut to crack, but when things click, Sekiro is like a ninja ballet of awesomeness. Beating the first boss is a true test that sets you down an unforgettable path. The evolution of the Soulsborne genre takes a big leap with Sekiro, and I cannot wait to see what From Software iterates on next.

  • Player Unknown's Battlegrounds never really clicked with me. I was always a fan of the quirky videos and highlight reels, but was never really fond of playing it. I started in on Fortnite, but man, that building stuff is such a drag. No doubt that Fortnite is a cultural phenomenon, but to be honest, I just cannot keep up. I have a bunch of second place finishes, but I was unable to luck into a Victory Royale.

    I really enjoy Apex Legends. Respawn Entertainment has great multiplayer chops, and their evolution of the battle royale genre is subtle, but great. They incorporate hero characters with their own abilities, and ultimates that work well in different combinations. Apex is teeming with style, and although it may have stumbled out of the gate, their season 3 battlepass has been spectacular. Apex also has fun timed events, and they do not get too precious with the game modes. Their halloween themed Zombie event fell a bit flat for me, but their Christmas event centring around Mirage has been incredible. Season 3 has been the first time I have maxed out a battlepass, and I believe it is a true testament to the quality of multiplayer. Oh yeah, it is totally free as well.

  • So yeah... Nintendo totally dropped a Tetris themed battle royale this year in an announcement that no one anticipated, and it is incredible. A large part of the enjoyment came from playing along side my brothers fighting to see who would get the coveted Tetris Maximus first. They have since supported it with offline modes, and various skins for you to unlock. Tetris 99 is definitely worth your time.

  • My partner got me Resident Evil 2 for my birthday. I finished it in two sittings. Capcom pulled off an incredible feat. A true remake that captures the spirit of the original, and makes it feel like an entirely different game. It is great to see Capcom making good games again, and I am looking forward to see what they do for Resident Evil 3.

  • I have yet to complete Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but I am putting it on this list damn it. What a tremendous package. I am glad they managed to put it all into one game instead of doing what they did last game, and having separate releases.

  • To be honest, I did not fully enjoy this game. Where Resident Evil 2 went leap and bounds in remaking the original it seems that Links Awakening just got a coat of paint. Yes, it is an incredible art style, but it is baffling how poor the performance gets at points. A neat little Zelda adventure and I am glad it was made. This release does prove one thing though, and that is Nintendo can literally drop anything at anytime. No one saw it coming, and that's why I love the Big N.

  • A game where I smile the whole time I am playing it? Just what I needed for 2019.