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For some fitness humour, here's the latest 'innovation' in working out: the GOGA machine. My fucking sides.

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@StrikeALight said:

@MrMuscle said:

Being 34 now ive learned and decided that bulking and dieting down is not the wat to go for a natural. So i maintain a pretty low bodyfat year round and build what little muscle i can. To me that is the way to go. I like to be happy with how i look and feel year round, not just 2 months in the summer.

Right now im lifting 5 days a week and i go thru the whole body 2-3 times a week. I dont do any cardio, just maintain my bodyfat with a strict diet. I love what i do and will never stop.

Perfect attitude to have. I find the whole notion of bulking / cutting these days absolutely crazy.

I do a simple 2-day split (with some variation) and workout with weights 4 days a week, and HiiT 3 days a week.

Maintaining a healthy diet, and low bodyfat is an ideal which I wish more people would strive for. (for long-term health prospects)

With all respect to Mr Muscle, he has been lifting for 20 years and has likely already met his genetic potential. He'll only be able to add a couple of pounds of muscle each year now whereas a noob on a calorie surplus will gain much more muscle in their first 3-5 years of lifting (the noobgains effect). That is why I feel bulking is necessary, especially if you start out extremely skinny and want to add any kind of size at all. Once you have a solid muscular base, bulking and cutting can take a wayside and you can maintain the body you have already earned. It's physically impossible to build serious muscle unless you are on a calorie surplus and that means you will always have some fat gain as well as muscle gain.

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@Kerned said:

but I am way spottier when it comes to strength training. I just have a hard time sticking to a schedule, and I don't really know what I should be doing. Goal for 2013 is to run a 10k, which I have no doubt I can do, I might be setting my sights too low and may have to adjust, but for now that's where I am

If you want to try strength training, my best advice is to follow a routine. StrongLifts 5x5 or Starting Strength tend to be the best for building up strength without many complications and the workouts take about 30-40 minutes so it'll be easy to stick to a schedule. A lot of people in this thread lift 5 days a week but I personally feel that is overkill, especially for beginners who need time to recover (like me).

For Kerned and anyone else wanting a routine, this is a good one I found from a YouTube channel called Ice Cream Fitness. It's StrongLifts modified to allow more arm work for those big biceps etc:

Workout A

Squat 5x5

Bench Press 5x5

Barbell Row 5x5

Barbell Shrug 3x8

Skullcrusher 3x8

Chins 3x5-8 or Straight Bar/Incline Curl 3x8

Hyperextention 2x10

Kneeling Cable Crunch 3x10-20

Workout B

Squat 5x5

Deadlift 1x5

Standing Press 5x5

Barbell Row 5x5 -10%

Close Grip Bench Press 3x8

Straight Bar or Incline Curl 3x8

Kneeling Cable Crunch 3x10-20

5x5 means 5 sets of 5 repetitions of each movement. So you'd do something five times, rest 1-3 minutes, do it another five times.

Cut any accessories out of this if you feel it is too much work. The only things you REALLY need to keep are the squats, deadlift, standing press, rows, and bench press. These are staples.

Schedule is AxBxAxx then the next week BxAxBxx then repeat the cycle. The x means a day off so basically either Monday Wednesday Friday or Tuesday Thursday Saturday you go to the gym and lift, whichever fits your schedule. Each workout, try to add 5lb or 2.5kg to whatever weight you were using last and keep doing this until you completely plateau, at which point you drop back down 10% and build back up to your max to try and exceed it.

If this is too much work for you or you have never lifted a weight in your life, stick to classic StrongLifts:


Squat 5x5

Bench Press 5x5

Barbell Rows 5x5


Squat 5x5

Overhead Press 5x5

Deadlift 1x5

My best advice is be CONSISTENT and try to not modify the routine too much. Stick it out even if it becomes boring. They are designed this way for a reason.

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When Patrick first joined Giant Bomb, he repeatedly said in his articles that he would not talk about his personal political beliefs as he did not feel they were necessary in his writing. As time went on, he started to plug his favourite political podcasts, put his liberal slant on news stories which did not require it, dropped his political opinions on the Bombcast when they wasn't asked for, and now he is actively seeking out some kind of validation for his own moral slant in the form of this article.

Look, I love Giant Bomb and I think Patrick is a great writer. However, this is nothing more than a "ha, told you so" to the community and an ego stroking by a man who believes only his political views should be noted on this site. He could at least have sought out a more balanced view of the situation. After the first three women said largely the same thing and no other viewpoint was represented, I could not help but picture that characteristic Patrick smirk behind all this.

I know this is a ramble, but I feel the other Giant Bomb guys do a great job of concealing their political ideologies. I have no idea who Brad, Jeff, Ryan or Vinny vote for. I could certainly guess, but it definitely isn't as clear as the liberal, Democrat voting, Reddit-reading klaxon of Klepek and his incessant need to spin gaming news a particular way. I find it distasteful, even if I agree with him on issues like this. It's a bit gross on a site which was founded on being impartial and fun.

Just my tl;dr opinion.

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@MordeaniisChaos said:

Also, I'm just being a dick because I believe the way that requires you to work is always the best way to do things. Not just because "don't be a pussy" but also because of the reasons I gave. Why cheat your way to the top (natural or not, you're skipping work) and end up struggling to keep the weight off when you can lose weight, and then get in shape, and potentially have a good body instead of a pasty soft scrawny body? If all you give a damn about is losing weight, I guess power to you, but I'm of the opinion you should do things right, and that means a good diet and the right exercise.

I see what you're trying to say, and it's admirable, but it's kind of flawed thinking. If someone is on steroids, they will be working harder than any person can naturally. The recovery times are so reduced that you can fit in 2-3 workouts a day. It's an insane workload, even if it's 'cheating', and I still admire the results even if someone is on gear because I know it still took dedication to get there. For cutting fat, even if you're on an EC stack or IF you still need to put the work in. I guess I didn't make that clear, but it's true. I guess I don't see people's aversion to it. I see lots of people drinking coffee before a workout, but they'll refuse a caffeine pill even though it's the exact same thing and will have the same result. You definitely don't sit around on IF and ECA and lose fat while doing nothing, it's always combined with a diet and hard exercise. That's why, to me, they are just optional tools around a solid routine and diet.

It's kind of insane for me to compare steroids to EC stack anyway. Apples and oranges. To get the thread back on track, here's a little check list for Bombers to tick off as they become fit as all hell:

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@MattyFTM said:

I need to change or I'm going to end up in an early grave. I didn't start doing anything as a new year's resolution because that's cliché and most people doing that fail. I wanted to do it in my own time, not around some arbitrary date when people are supposed to do that sort of thing. Well, I'm starting now!!! Well, tomorrow. It's nearly bed time now.

I think, more than exercise, you need to change your relationship with food. It seems like more than being lazy, you also comfort eat. I think the best thing to do, and what I try to do as much as I can, is to plan ahead and only buy the things you need for the week ahead. You can also designate a "MAKE ALL THE FUCKING FOOD" day, such as Sunday or whenever you have a day off. You can invest in a slow cooker, throw in a bunch of food, cook it up all day while you relax, distribute it into tupperware boxes, and bring them everywhere with you. That means you won't snack and you'll always have a healthy meal on hand.

Just a few suggestions! We Bombers are here to support you through your journey. Maybe we can have a summer progress check-up later on down the line and show off our progress.

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@thabigred said:

Adding achievements in the form of an app is such a good idea to working out. I just wish someone would make an app for people who actually train instead of the sort of shit that is in fitocracy. Like Yelp it's an app that is a wonderful sound concept that is held back by inane design issues.

Have you looked at the quests, not the achievements? There are far more for strength than any other activity. I don't think adding 2.8x bodyweight deadlift and 2.3x bodyweight squat achievements was designed with casuals in mind either... Maybe you train much more seriously than the average person, but I've always liked the difficulty of the quests and achievements in Fitocracy. They still feel far off in the distance, so it's something to aim for.