DAMN, that game was hard! Maximum Carnage

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Ahh the 90's, a time of youth, innocents, kick ass song's, and In my opinion, GOOD Saturday morning cartoons. I wont lie, like many children of the 90's I first learned of spider-man through the animated cartoon series (RIP) . I quickly became obsessed with everything spider-man and marvel. One day, after school I went to a friends house, his mom brought in a new game for him "Maximum Carnage" Our small nerd brains became over joyed at the thought of it! We poped it in and started taking turns playing. Quickly plowing through the first level, only the encounter the women of our nightmare's

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Anyone remember these hair twirling terrors? Knocking you on your ass with a quick and terrifying flip of the hair!

The game only got harder from here, the next level "Climb" I remember the first time I took to the walls and started my journey up, it was bliss! I was playing a game with spider-man, climbing walls and web slinging from side to side! Then, the arrow comes on the screen, A mad dash is mad to the other side only to slam into a window ledge. Then start the climb all over again, only to be blasted by shrieks attack and go tumbling all the way back down to start over again. By the time we made it to the roof top battle, well let's just say it didn't go well do to the massive health loss of the climb.

I never beat this game in my youth, only recently as a 26 year old adult have I finished it.

I know some people will claim "Blah blah blah, its not hard blah blah blah" Well super gamer elite, I salute you!, and Possibly your game game genie too.

I hope to do more pieces of these nature, but I want to avoid the abusive games (Ninja Gaiden ect) until I have no other choice, we all know how hard some of the older games can be. I hope to incudle video as well, but that will not happen until I get the proper equipment. I do not want to use emulators.

So what are your thoughts, Is Maximum carnage a hard game? Or are we just whinny little babies. Look forward to seeing your positive/negative responses.


My first time playing Chrono Cross.

For the better part of my life ( I am 26) I have avoided anything but a western RPG. With a few exceptions being FFVII (go figure) and FFX. My reasoning? I couldn't really tell you. I thought it might be the mostly anime story of JRPG's, but then I thought to myself no, in high school I watched my fair share of anime. DBZ, cowboy bebop thing's of that nature. Then, I thought it might be the turn based combat that always made me turn away, not that case. In all honesty I have to chalk it up to most of my close friends hating the games, I think it rubbed of on me. Until.....

Last night my wife finally convinced me to play Chrono Cross, one of her all time favorite games. What happened after my first hour of seemingly mocking everything that happened in the game, kind of startled me. I began to enjoy it with out even knowing it at first. Before I knew it, it was 5am in the morning and I still wasn't ready to put it down. Unfortunately the grown up life has to win sometimes, and I had to call it quits because worked beckoned me the next day.

My first hours with the game, saw me fighting colorful komodo dragons and collecting there scales, fighting fat fat beach bums, and getting "Squirted" on by his buddies. On a closing note, I have to say that I HATE doors with eyeballs and never want to see one in real life ever. Mad scientist listen to me, I will HUNT you down if you ever invent this.