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Vote for Teams in the Madden NFL 11 Demo

This year EA Sports is letting the fans vote for the teams that will be in the Madden NFL 11 demo.
  This year the Madden team is letting you vote on which matchup do you want to see in the demo?  The choices are:

  • Saints vs. Colts
  • Jets vs. Colts
  • Vikings vs. Saints
The demo teams will be announced on April 22nd.  Go to the Madden NFL 10 site to vote.  
I picked the Jets and Colts, but the machup I wanted was Vikings vs. Colts. 

NFL Chief's Ratings Based on Madden NFL 10 and New Players

I am writing this to show how the Chief's team will look in 2010, and what direction they may go in the draft.  I have gone though and put the ratings of all starter and important backups at positions that the Chiefs will look to upgrade in the draft.  I did not do QB, RB, P, and K as they will not be replacing the starter or upgrading the backup.   I also left the TE off, because they used four of them last year.  Each TE had his specialty that he did.  Who knows what will happen with the TE.  I understand that the players will have new ratings in Madden NFL 2011, but this will give a good ballpark estimate. 

Offensive Line PositionName
LG  Ryan Lilia
 CCasey Wiegmann
 LTBrandon Albert
 LGBrian Waters
 RTRyan O'Callaghan
Offensive Line Average
Defensive Line Position
 LE Tyson Jackson
 RE Glenn Dorsey
 DT Ron Edwards
 DT Shawn Smith
 Defensive Line Average
Line Backer Position
 LOLB Mike Vrabel
 MLB Demorrio Williams
 MLB Cory Mays
 MLB Derick Johnson
 ROLB Tamba Hali
 Line Backer Average
Corner Back Position
 CB Brandon Carr
 CB Brandon Flowers
 CB Maurice Leggett
 CB Donald Washington
 Corner Back Average
Safety Position
 S Jarrad Page
 S Dajuan Morgan
 S Jon McGraw
 Safty Average
Wide Receiver
 WR Dwayne Bowe
 WR Chris Chambers
 WR Terrance Copper
 WR Jerheme Urban
 Wide Receiver Average
Many of the draft experts have the Chiefs taking a OL with there first pick.  But, at an 82.6 average, the OL is the strongest of the positions of need.  After looking over the list, the first pick needs to be on the deference.  The only offensive position that needs to be looked at in the first three rounds is WR.  The D-line is in need of an upgrade.  No one on the line is rated over 80.  It does not matter how good the rest of your team is, if the QB has all day to find a man.  Both stating CB are good, but the Chiefs must find a guy to play the nickle.  The backup / nickle CB's are both is the low 60's.  With more teams spreading out the office, the 3rd corner is more important.  Safety is a must upgrade in the first two rounds.  Page is not bad, but the others stink.  McGraw may not even be back with the team.  With three picks in the first two rounds, the Chiefs can do a lot to fix there team.  With tow of the first three picks the Chiefs need to draft a S and a DT.  With the reaming pick and the pick in the 3ed, the Chiefs need a sure handed WR and a CB.  A solid tackling MLB will also be in consideration, but if the DL is upgraded with a stud DT, the LB's will be much better. 

The Peach Float and other Nehi Sodas

When I went to boy scout camp, we would walk to a small store that sold peach floats.  They took Peach Nehi soda and put it over ice cream; much like a root bear float.  A 12oz can has over 50g's of sugar.  That is more than a Mouton Dew!   This has to be one of the greatest things to hit my mouth. This store also sells Blue Nehi. 

The Peach Float Story

No Caption Provided

Hear is a list of other Nehi sodas.  You can contact the store and they may be able to get you some of them.

  • Dr Nehi
  • Nehi Chocolate
  • Nehi Root Beer
  • Nehi Berks County Root Beer
  • Nehi Lemonade
  • Nehi Wild Red
  • Nehi Grape
  • Nehi Orange
  • Nehi Peach
  • Nehi Strawberry
  • Nehi Blue Cream
  • Nehi Ginger Ale
  • Nehi Fruit Punch
  • Nehi Pink Lemonade
  • Blueberry Nehi

Some Hints on the new Quests.

As many of you are having trouble with some of new quests; I will give you some hints.

Monster Mash # 2

There is nothing common with the monster for number two.  Another hint would be that this monster name is derived from a celtic word for evil spirit or goblin.  This creature was also used in folklores to scare children; much like the bogeyman.   Also the monster is a type of hobgoblin.  The monster's name is a combination of two creatures.  The monster is a combination of two creatures; one is big and one is small.  There is not an easy hint that I can give without giving it away.    I found the answer after serching for monsters in D&D.  I have given all the tips I can think of without giving it away.  When you get the answer, you will know what I mean.  Happy searching.   

Globe-Trotter Space # 5, 6, 7

Space 5:  A space sim for the PC in the late 90's.
Space 6: Is a game for the BBC Microcomputer.  This is also an enemy in the Halo games.  
Space 7: A quest that is in space. 

Dragon Quest Slime Controller and How I Scan Instuction Booklets

Dragon Quest Slime Controller
Dragon Quest Slime Controller
Dragon Quest Slime Controller

Dragon Quest Slime Controller (PlayStation 2)

Just got an email tonight about this PS2 controller.  You can buy one at for around $40.  It looks neat, but would be hard to hold and is not the best layout.  This is not the controller I see people using much, but it would be a nice peace to put on a shelf. 

Instruction Booklets I Uploaded

  • Mario Paint (SNES)
  • Joe&Mac (SNES)
  • SimCity (SNES)
  • Super Mario Kart (SNES)
  • Super Mario World (SNES)
  • WildSnake (SNES)
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES)
You can see all of the instuction booklets that I have uploaded at

What I am Up To

I just finished Summer School today.  I was taking digital photography and bowling.  I still have yet to pick a major.  The junior college that I go to (Johnson County Community College) has a game design certificate program.  I was working on the certificate.  Got 12 hours of credit.  Then, I got to the programming and did not like it.  I would like to do something with technology and the internet.  I have three weeks off till I go back to school.

Plans on adding to GiantBomb

I will continue to add instruction booklets.  I have been using the booklets to obtain game credits.  This is a slow process as I am also going and adding many people that are not in the database yet.  I have been collection game memorabilia all but three years of my life and have obtained over 300 games and stacks of gaming mags.  I plan on using the mags to get print adds of games.  I would like to have at least one blog post a week.   I do not want to go to ten sites to get all information on a game.  You have sites for game adds, one particulate game, game franchise, systems, cheats, news, and reviews.  I like GiantBomb because, they put all game information in one place.  On my old computer I have a bunch of video game picks that I will upload in time.  A lot of them are rear items that I have found on eBay.

How I Scan Instruction Booklets

After scanning a few booklets, I have found the best way of adding an instruction booklet to GiantBomb.
  1. I am using a Cannon MP600 for scanning.  The MP600 is a three-in-one scanner, copier, and printer.  I start with the back cover of the instruction booklet.  This allows the pages to be in order when I add them to GiantBomb. 
  2. After all pages in the instruction booklet are scanned; I use Windows to change the orientation of the scans.   Make a folder for each instruction booklet.
  3. Log onto GiantBomb and go upload the images.  Upload all the images in an instruction booklet at one time.  This will put the images in order.  Then make a gallery for the booklet.  For the caption I just add the page number (example: page 1-2).  Hit submit and you have uploaded an instruction booklet to your image gallery.
P.S.  If there is a game you want an instruction booklet added for just leave the name and if I have it I will upload it.  If I do not have that one, I will look for a smiler game.  I have a lot more gaming knowledge to share, but I will same that for a latter post.