TNIAB Episode 42 - Real Steel and SotC Game Club

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This week we answer the question, "is courage REALLY stronger than steel?" Then, make sure to stick around after the credits and join us in our second Game Club as we play the first four bosses from Shadow of the Colossus.

Starring Anthony Fallucco, Blaven Jaramillo, Tristan Arcas & Vincent Sanchez


00:00:00 - Remembering Steve Jobs

00:01:49 - What Anthony's Up To

00:13:08 - What Blaven's Up To

00:21:34 - What Vince's Up To

00:35:45 - Movie Review: Real Steel

00:48:34 - Listener Mail!

00:57:36 - Outro

00:59:40 - Game Club 2.1: Shadow of the Colossus


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