Tokyo Game Show 2011 - Day 3 & 4

This years Tokyo Game Show has finally come to a close, there have been many cool announcements and awesome hardware to see. These are the last couple games of Tokyo Game Show that I think you should keep your eyes on in the upcoming months. This was also posted on my podcast website Three Nerds in a Basement. Feel free to listen to our latest episode.

Silent Hill: Downpour

Now it’s true I think that the last good Silent Hill games were the ones on the Playstation 2, but I still can’t help but have hope for the new Silent Hill games. Downpour will be the latest game in the series and from trailers, so far it looks like they’re going for a more cinematic feel to the game rather than trying to bring up old nostalgia from the Silent Hill 2 days. This in case you didn’t know is a bad thing. (Only so many times they can bring Pyramid Head in a game and still make it “cool”)

This trailer in particular though has one huge, glaring, massive flaw… the use of Korn. If anything was learned from Haze back when the PS3 was still in its early years I can safely say that using Korn for anything is a bad idea. Watch the trailer below to see more of Downpour… but just watch it on mute.

Street Fighter x Tekken

People who know me know too well that I am a huge fighting game buff, I’ve put hundreds of hours into Super Street Fighter 4 and I like to watch all kinds of live streams. This being said it is no surprise that SFxT is something that I am looking forward to. Cross over games always have a certain spot in most fighting game enthusiasts’ hearts, seeing your favourite characters from multiple franchises fighting it out and finally answering that question of “who could beat who”.

While SFxT is not a new announcement for TGS there is one new feature that has been announced and explained exclusively at TGS. The new mode called “Pandora” mode, which when a character on your team is around 25% health you will be able to activate. What this does is kills off your 25% health character and then brings in your partner with a new purplish glow, and fancy markings. Other than physical changes you will also get infinite super meter, but this comes at a cost of a timed life bar. Once the timer hits zero your character automatically dies and you will lose the round.

It will be interesting to see how this mode plays out in the professional level tournament, if it will be used at all or if it will be something along the lines of Marvel vs. Capcom 3s X-Factor.

Ninja Gaiden 3

While the new Ninja Gaiden games are of my favourite games in the past while, I can’t say I am too confident in how the third game in the series will play out now that Itagaki the series creator is gone. The first game without him on the Team Ninja team was Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, which took out all the blood and gore in favor of stylized mist, and also added boss fights that weren’t all that great compared to the games original boss fights. This being said maybe it will be a different experience now that they have a game to work on from the ground up instead of just a port.

Ryu seems to be having problems with his arm as is mutates into some grotesque, and bloody mess. The new game is focusing more on what it means to “kill” someone, also the act of killing with more close up of death blows. Seeing a sword dig into a characters flesh, hearing the bones break on a hard drop, or just seeing the copious amounts of blood are never something pleasant to see but I guess that is the life of a ninja. I am still looking forward to this game though seeing as the last two are one of the best action games in year, and I still think it is worth it for you to check out upon release.