Hail to the Underdog, baby!

Some games have not been well received, others are simply hated by almost everyone, others generate a lot of discord and some have just simply been quickly forgotten.
Here's a personal list of games I very much like, but that are generally crammed into one of the categories mentioned above.
Displayed in alphabetical order.

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@KillyDarko: Oh, yes, absolutely, Prey did a lot of interesting things, they did a lot of confusing and awesome things with the portals, gravity switches and the spirit mode. I really liked the setting, and that school bus was pretty uncomfortable. :)

Yeah, the only copy of Nosferatu I've ever seen was around $100.

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@fisk0: I thought Prey was a much better game than Doom 3, to whom it kept being compared because it used the same engine. They're nothing alike though, Prey was imaginative, it had some really nice puzzles and hey, even portals, but way before Portal ^^
Nosferatu is a lot of fun and the mansion randomly generates itself at the start of each game, so there's a lot of replayability to be found there. Sadly, it's nowhere to be found these days, alright. I'm lucky enough to own it, but I wish more people would be able to check out this little gem...!
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I totally agree on the games I've played on this list, maybe I should try the others as well.

Never understood why people disliked Mirror's Edge, or Prey for that matter.

I've always wanted to play Nosferatu (or, at least since it was released), but it went out of print before I could track it down.