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Finally getting my hands on an Xbox One tomorrow. Super excited! :)

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Games To Be Remembered

A collection of games that have had some sort of impact on my life. Be it emotional, or just a great experience in general.

I hope you enjoy reading them!

List items

  • I was sold the second I saw this game. Even more so when I finally played it. The marriage of difficulty, exploration, art-style, and endless re-playability is nearly flawless.

  • There is no other game that has had such an impact on my life as World of Warcraft. I met the love of my life, made some of my best friends, and accomplished so many things within it's universe.

  • Tales of Symphonia makes it on this list solely based on being the first JRPG I ever finished. The end also had an emotional impact on me I had never experienced before. I was connected with the characters in such a way that the ending truly brought a tear to my eye.

  • My first game ever. Tons of great memories to go along with it. Staying up with my sister, at the age of 3, having a blast. Sharing some gaming fun with my Mom by helping her solve levels she couldn't.

  • This game was a life changer. I still remember the day I first played it. I thought it looked stupid. I wanted nothing more than to continue playing Unreal Tournament: Championship Edition with my best friend at the time. However, he convinced me that he needed help with a level and I conceded. I'm glad I did.

    Oh, and it introduced me to "inverted controls."

  • Everything about this game makes me smile. The music, the art, the humour. Everything. It also added in some difficult challenges with rhythm-reaction, and was one of the first games I truly felt committed to one-hundred percenting; and I enjoyed every moment of it.

  • My first home-console top-bottom shooter. I loved the hell out of this game. I felt like a God avoiding the barrage of bullets being thrown at me, and was even able to impress a girl I liked at the time with my "skills."

  • If you were a kid/teen when this came out, you know why this game is on my list. So many great memories with my friends that were filled with excitement, yelling, and just a ton of fun all around.