My 2014 Game of the Year: Top Seven

These are my top-seven picks for 2014's Game of the Year (community) list. I tried not to pad the list to get it to ten as there hasn't been that many games this year I felt deserved a spot.

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  • I'll start by mentioning that I really loved Diablo III before Reaper of Souls. The game was fantastic. It brought what I really loved about Diablo II and, in my opinion, modernized it.

    That being said, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls took a magnificent product and improved it even more. The addition of rifts, a fun new area to romp around in, and tons more loot just sucked me right back in. I've yet to take a dive in to the new content recently release, and definitely look forward to.

    [Played on: Xbox One & PC]

  • I'm sure that a lot of people will have this one somewhere on their list. It's has tons of wonderful attributes, but just as many flaws as well. This would most likely have made its way to the number one spot had Bungie taken a little bit more time and effort in making this one a gem.

    As it stands, while being a really fun game to play; and the Dark Below Expansion is quite intriguing, Destiny has too many flaws to take the number one spot.

    [Played on: Xbox One & PlayStation 4]

  • Although I've only played roughly 5 hours of this, I can tell that I'll love the rest. The game captures what I love about Bioware and brings it to 2014. The story, quests, characters, items... everything is great.

    Let's not forget to mention that the game is absolutely gorgeous in 1080p, even on the PlayStation 4.

    [Played on: PlayStation 4]

  • I didn't like the first. At all. I thought the games art design was rather offensive, and the flash-engine didn't do the game any favors. It's actually a mystery to me as to why the first game had such a following.

    However, now that Rebirth has been released, a lot of what was so off-putting has either been erased or fixed. The art design is still there, and is still enough that I turn off item titles and sound as not to offend every soul that looks upon it, but the rest of the game is superb.

    Let's just hope someone comes along and makes such a great game that maybe isn't trying to push so many buttons with its art direction?

    [Played on: PlayStation 4]

  • Titanfall was the reason I was excited to get an Xbox One. Heck, it was the defining factor behind my purchase of an X1 before the Playstation 4. The game did not disappoint. The amount of freedom of traversal, tough mechs to vary up the gameplay, and great map design that took advantage of the movement changes really blew a breath of fresh air into the genre for me.

    It's sad that I pretty much got my fill of the game in little over two months.

    [Played on: Xbox One]

  • There really isn't much room to criticize with Rayman Legends. The art is superb, the addition of musical "bosses" were really satisfying, and a ton of content to sort through really made this one stand out. Rayman Origins was impressive when it came out, and it's successor honored that pedigree wonderfully.

    [Played on: PlayStation Vita]

  • This one took a while for me to get into. It's huge. It's expansive. It's downright amazing. It's the kind of game that sounds too fantastic when spoken of, but feels great when played.