Disappointing Games

There's been a lot of disappointing games lately.  Other M was slightly disappointing with bad storytelling and a lot of little issues that built up over time.  Lords of Shadow was disappointing with bad storytelling with a lot of major issues that got in the way of the enjoyment of the game. 
Anyone else play something disappointing lately?


About Fight Sticks

I have a fight stick.  I've had it since Christmas.  I'm still adjusting to using it, but I haven't used it as much as I should. 
QCF's are still harder to pull of than FDF's 
HC's are still or hit miss 
I'm not sure if the standard button configuration is right for using a Stick 
I still enjoy it, but I guess I need more time.  Maybe I'm a loss cause for using a stick.  Who knows.


Roethlisberger suspended for 6 games, deemed crazy

So Big Ben has been suspended.  Goodell said he has to go under a mental evaluation before he can play again also.  While the 6-game suspension is longer than what most people thought it would be, the mental evaluation requirement is a bit odd.  He wasn't arrested and charged with anything unlike Adam Jones and Ricky Williams, but I guess his big name status is the reason for suspension.  It says to me that Goodell is trying to send a message to other players that no matter how big of a player you are, you're on notice.


Wii Classic Controller Pro Review

 The Classic Controller Pro is a redesigned version of the original Wii Classic Controller, and will eventually replace them on store shelves.   The original Classic Controller was in the mold of the Super Nintendo controller and had very little in terms of curves and comfort, so players were forced to squeeze their hands together in order to use it.   While the controller offered four shoulder buttons, two of them were hard to use.   In addition, the controller cord came out of the bottom of the controller.   The Classic Controller Pro has improved on all of these areas.

The Classic Controller Pro is more in the mold of a Dualshock controller with wingtips on the sides for players to grip.   The grip of the controller is more akin to an Xbox 360 controller, so it doesn’t slip as much, especially with the additional curves that allow your hands to contort to the controller more naturally, which makes for a more comfortable controller.   The two hard to reach shoulder buttons from the previous incarnation are now behind the other two for a more standard controller setup.   Also like most controllers, the Classic Controller Pro’s cord now comes out of the top instead of the bottom.

Overall, the design is leaps and bounds above the standard Classic Controller, and if you use the Classic Controller a lot, or were looking to get a Classic Controller, you should definitely pick this up and enjoy the difference.

5 out of 5

They're out to save cash, not the enviornment

People need to realize Ubisoft isn't trying to save trees with their recent announcement.  They're trying to save cash, plain and simple.  Them saying they're trying to save trees and whatnot is a PR spin of the highest degree.  If you fall for such a ploy, you should feel ashamed because you fell for something so obvious. 
They're not going to cut costs for the consumer, either.  Games will still be $60 for just the case and box under their new plan.  What's next?  No box surely.  They're doing it so they can start charging you $60 for downloadable games, which is a tough price for anyone to swallow.  I will not be apart of this $60 per download future that they think will save the industry.  I, and many others refuse to pay a huge sum for a partial product that I have absolutely no control over.


Dreamcast games coming to XBLA or Game Room?

A couple of months ago, maybe last year at some point, it was revealed that Sonic Adventure was going to be hitting the Xbox 360, and presumably Playstation 3.  Now it seems like a couple of other Dreamcast games are also coming to 360, notably Crazy Taxi.  What's notable about Sonic Adventure is that no changes appear to have been made to the title, meaning no widescreen support or proper resolution upgrade.  That doesn't quite fit in while Xbox Live Arcade standards now, does it?  It seems to fit more in line with what is offered in Game Room. 
It's been mentioned that the hope of Game Room was to bring Dreamcast games to the service.  There are already a couple of high quality Dreamcast games on XBLA in Ikaruga and Rez HD.  Those had proper upgrades and both warranted a 800 point pricetag.  So what will be different here?  If Sonic Adventure and Crazy are released on XBLA for 800 points with no improvements, it seems like a lost cause.  If they were released on Game Room for the current asking price of $3-$5 a game, we might talk.  But I'm more inclined to believe the former will happen. 
What does everyone else think?


Baseball: The Sport of Kings

I love baseball.  It's so fundamentally different from every other sport out there.  There's no time limit, there is no even strength, no penalties (besides ejections).  It's 9+ innings of quiet chess.  While football may be more entertaining, basketball more "market friendly" and hockey more intense, baseball is a sport that no other sport even comes close to imitating.


Anyone tired of announcements of announcements?

I don't know who got in their head that this was a good idea, but it really needs to stop.  Instead of building hype, it's building hate because rarely do announcements like these actually turn out to be something the majority of people like.  They're annoying as well.

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