The Brandwagon

well guitarhero has become halo 3 at least in branding
KFC guitarhero meals, 7-11 Slurpees, fruit roll ups, axe body spray now guitarhero has become everything its once hated
guitarhero is dead to me I much perfer rockband and with rockband 2 now my love has only grown for harmonix
I bealieve rockband has much better music than guitarhero I will never forgive guitarhero for putting "beat it" into world tour also "hot blooded" is in it too
I mean come on guitarhero you one steap from puplic domain songs guitarhero 5 with yankee dodol dandy and the happy birthday song


No Mutants Morons

 no mutants allowed is
its a group of people who are to busy having their heads up their own asses to see that fallout 3 is good 
they are the people that are crying "oh why can't it look and play like a crappy 10 year old game"
NMA is just a collection of pompous jackasses, trolls, and people that can understand change and evolution of games


best buy rockband setups are the downfall of humanity

this a post of someone from the RockBand 2 board
"ok, one day I go to best buy to play their rock band 2 drum set...and I failed on eye of the tiger, went there again the next day...failed it again, synched the drums to the tv set and did fine...that being said...there was no chair to sit down on the second, whats the point, you cant get a true drummers feel without a chair...I asked a salesman if I could please have a chair...he said, "no, we dont want people sitting down for an hour playing drums"...then, I come again 2 days later for another reason, and notice that they completely removed the drums from the floor...because, too many people are grouping together for long periods of time to play it...
I wonder if I should let corporate know that that particular best buy is doing their best to keep people from buying rock band be honest, this is the single worst instance of bad salesmanship ive ever seen from any store...I canceled my preorder there and decided to go through gamestop instead...despite gamestop having some annoying tactics as well, the guys who work there are much least they can talk videogames...last time I guy who worked at best buy struck up a conversation with me about videogames, I had the distinct feeling he had an ulterior motive...if you know what i mean... "
hey dude I hate to say it but best buy is a store not your personal arcade you idiot
frankly this person is whats wrong with people today
this person thinks "ooh I'll go to the best buy and play their RB2 for hours and bother people and end up not even buying it" and then they think that the best buy workers are the bad guys I can't believe this guy asked for a chair that's like saying "hey can have something to help me loiter easier, I no intention of buying anything but get me a chair because I'm the most important person in the world"


FAllOUT 3 the talker

if you have maxed of speech and zombie is about attack you
you go "wait wait you dont want to eat me, I think your eating of people is just a cover for a deeper problem"
then the zombie says "your right I'm unhappy because I eat and I eat because I'm unhappy"
then the zombie starts to cry and you hug him going "there there"


hell yes!!!

move aside fable 2 fallout 3 and rockband 2 monopoly for the ps3 is coming out 10/20/2008
oooh god if there is online play that would be awesome and even more awesome is if there was a button
so five hours into a game of you can throw the board to the side and yell "fuck this game its 3 in the morning grandma you win  "


The mods are lock happy

I posted a forum in the chamcham fourm "hey I think she is the best samurai showdown charater what do you think?"
then before anyone posts it gets locked I mean what the hell
then I go say hey whats up with rolento and two guys come in and say yeah he's kinda of odd then it got locked
what the hell does the mod love rolento and not want us saying he is odd
then I go talk about prinnies and it gets locked before anyone else even comes to talk
do the mods get payed on how much they lock stuff?
the only thing thats not locked is my thread about alex navarro's name is alexsis


its about immersion

a good game sucks you in and makes you care about the people and immerses you in the world
in HL games every time you start to think hmm this is cool you pick something up and see it floating in thin air which snaps you right out of the experience
then without the immersion you realize its just an ok FPS even a bad game can seem great if it's immerseive 



alright here is the toro game
you sit on the front step of the house until someone drives up then you pick from a dialogue tree of what to say
then if they say you have to do a mini game of carrying their stuff in then you wonder around picking what to say about the master
and later you tie the husband to the tree and at the end you have the choice of killing the master or staying the servant and you get big kneed powers
and you level up you use of the hand stick thing    

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