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  • Oh man, If there's one game series that's captivated me sofar in this generation it is the Mass Effect series. I've made 5 different characters in the first one, max out 2 and sunk over 200 hours into it, despite the mountain of problems that game had on almost every level.

    Nr. 2 looks to fix all of that and if it succeeds then man.... man is that game going to be good.

  • I'm no stealth game god, and the trial and error process of the previous Splinter Cell's did manage to drive me insane at times, but this series probably my favourite Tom Clancy one so I would have been stoked for this one regardless.

    But seeing how Ubisoft is refreshing the series sorta-stale gameplay to a more Batman: AA aproac to stealth really excites me so this could be a real winner.

  • Stunt Position

  • It's been weird to see how this game's being hadled by EA and DICE compared to the first Bad Company. No longer is it a funny little spinoff of the juggernaut PC franchise for us console dummies, but instead it's being pitted as a direct competitor to IW/ActiBlizzarVisionSierraVivendi's Call Of Duty franchise, especially on the MP front.

    Although MP will probably be excellent and I'll probalby be wayyy burned out on MW2, I'm much more interrested in the story of Bad Company and their hijinx in modern combat.

  • it's more Super Mario Galaxy, but now with 49% more Yoshi. YES!

  • Spies! RGP! XP! Dialouge Trees! Matthew Rorie! Obsidian finally getting a propper dev cycle and their own damn IP! Colour me excited!

  • Speaking of Obsidian, their Fallout: Gaiden might come out this year, once again ruining my holiday and my interaction with the world outside.

  • I have so far in my almost-20 years of existance, never put more than 10-20 minutes into a sinngle MMO over all, and I have little reverance for the Star Wars franchise. For whatever reason though I get the sense tha this might finally be the one that I get wayyy into. Whether that will actually happen is anither matter but I am at least excited for this one.

  • It comes out this year, right?

  • I could really go for a good RPG for my DS, and Golden Sun DS seems to fill that gap nicely