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@dray2k: I think you summed things up pretty well. Between the gamergate and political drama it's been a crazy couple of years now. So many lines drawn in the sand. If you tell complex people they have to fit an exact mold, a lot of times they will rebel and go in the opposite direction or they will meekly and paranoidly conform. You see both sides of issues brag about their virtues, find horrible examples in their ranks and try to cover it up. People switching sides. People liking something, finding out they will be judged wrong for it and floundering. I see a lot of doxxing and bigotry thrown all over the place. But my side is the right one, so it's not the same as when THEY do it. Be on the right side of history, yet all history has a dark underbelly it wants to deny.

In the end I think it's been 2 years of bullies. People bully. Mob mentality is even worse. Yet when you're told you're superior for how you think you find excuses to being shitty to other people. Or you say that an X is allowed to bully a Y and everything explodes. It's just 2 butts pooping into each other and the amount of feces is growing rapidly.