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Final Fantasy XIII, A game that haunts me.

I put this game down at about 22 hours playtime a few months back and didn't think too much of it at the time. 
Now it seems that even though I put this game near the bottom of a full Gamefly queue, it was on the top of my list of games I'll be receiving in the next couple days. 
Normally this isn't that big a deal if I get a game sent to me that I don't care much for. I'd just send it right back and hope I get a really good or newer game to try.  
That's how I received and beat Castlevania: Lords of Shadow last week.  (Great story, good combat mechanics, really could have used camera control mapped to right stick which ends up being rarely used in game, especially after I had just come off finishing Bayonetta
But it's different with this one, I haven't put down a game after investing this much time before (let alone an RPG) and this one was the first that I honestly gave up on without feel much remorse. It went back into it's envelope and I send it back without thinking too much about it and the achievements I missed out on.
So now it's coming back to me like a curse, somehow it ended up back on my list and overtook many other games I have been eagerly awaiting to play. Even though I have Dead Rising 2 sitting on my table waiting to be played, this challenge is on it's way to my mailbox and I decided I'm going to give it one more chance. 
I can't promise I'll finish it quickly but I'll damn well try and get it done before October is through. I'm a bit worried that I'll have to relearn the combat system but I'm guessing a few long levels of grinding party battles should remedy that. 
A few more achievements and being able to step away from the game for this long might end up making it a better experience. 


My Thoughts: Recent JRPGs and JCAGs

So far it seems the Japanese games industry has been focusing on changing their games to suit western audiences.  I for one think this is the best thing that the big Japanese developers can do to fight off their stagnation into a niche market. 
Final Fantasy XIII was an alright game but it was so far the first RPG that I had to actually put away and quit for an extended period of time. I'm sure I don't have too much further to go to finish the game but everything that was said negatively about that game in the Bombcast was spot on. The most enjoyment I had out of the game was just watching the extended cut-scenes and knowing that i didn't have to be too active in a real time fighting system. 
I'll come back to that game sometime in the end of the month and finish it. Sadly its the first RPG i wasn't able to finish after investing 15+ hours into.