Learning Chinese Hard Way: Home

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 /Because of the unexplained top secret reasons I have to learn  1,945 Chinese characters. And still improve my English. And writing skills. So I combined all of that into one 
exercise. Also being creative type means I memorize thesaurus better than dictionary and complex connections then linear data or sotry then just bunch of definitions. One "convenient" thing about Chinese characters character is; they all contain a little story. So I plan expanding on that. Write short story on each one plus evening drawing precise. It wont be easy but I'll try to make it fun.  / 
Home is the first one. Made of two symbols; roof and "to depend on". Also means grave or "somebody who stays at home a lot." Correct me if I am wrong. I'm using Internet most of the time until I improve. Language learning sucks ass in the beginning. Hope you like flash fiction.

"You know in open space no matter where you go, what direction you take, you are always going home. And when you get to the end of the world, very next step will get you half way back"

He said that sitting in small storage room that some resourceful crewman turned into bar. Half full scientist holding half empty bottle of finest home made whiskey.

They were alone. Mark looked at his uninvited companion. Like other workers he was young man trapped in tired, wounded body that looked twice older. He coincidently was thinking of home.  

Back on Salo 3 it was harvest. Great clouds of smoke and fire will fall on the ground and enormous cargo ships will land. Great Heaven falling taking goods and bringing sons and daughters. Small sacrifice his mother would say waiting his brother in vain. For those seven days all front doors on the planet would stay unlocked and scent of mother's cooking and never dying hope would fill the streets.

"That's a long way home" Mark said getting up and going for the door.

Scientist stayed. "Yeah. It is." He mumbled "But I can't remember. For the love of God I can not remember."  

"Where is home or when you crossed the end of the world?" Mark wanted to ask. But looking at implant behind scientist's right ear he stopped, not wanting to know.  

"This is not my hell. I just came for the money. I crossed my end of the world. Now its time to bring the heavens down. Time to go home." He thought for himself leaving scientist with his empty bottle of whiskey. 

Sex (in/and) games


Sex belongs in games more then it belongs in movies. In movies sex often carries no emotional weight. It is there more to sell actors. It is there because everybody expect it. Just after middle part as much needed break before big explosive finale. So in most cases it's tied with pacing of the movie.

Because player dictates pacing in games game stories are broken in small pieces and tied to places or characters . In best case scenario sex in games is connected with a place to designate peaceful or friendly location (The Witcher) or as a ridiculous mini game, silly feature... (duke nukem , God of War, GTA, even Mass Effect as little bigger dialog puzzle). So it is always a place. For me that's missed opportunity to connect with the character, in some other way, and deepen the relationship. Sex in games done right simply starts more questions then in movies. Where is taken for granted just like the world the same movies create.

Let's take one simple example. Half Life 2. Alyx and Freeman. If Half Life 2 was a movie they would probably do it when they enter Black Mesa East. Just after meeting with her father. She is so happy she drags freeman to small room and grabs the wrench. Thanks to her  engineering  skills she takes the  hev  suit off. Freeman (starred by edward norton ) then takes her standing in  typical "suspended congress"  kamasutra  position holding Alyx ( starred by Zoe  Saldana ) ass with black gloves. (For some reason gloves and socks stay on at all times). 
It would make sense in movie, but in the game? Stupid and meaningless? Or more  importantly Jessica Alba as Alyx? Are you more interested in relationship between those two characters or Alyx ass? Are we human? Or are we wankers?