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  • 10/10

  • 9/10. Great game. Some bugs which ruined some parts though. Like missions not working right, or falling to my death out of nowhere. Also the platforming left a lot to be desired. The looting wasn't so great either. It was such a chore to loot enemies instead of picking up their guns and such. Otherwise a fun game. Also worth noting my appreciation for the trophies not making me go collect all the collectibles. It would have forced my hand into playing the game in ways I would not have wanted to since I always feel like trying to get the trophies.

  • Had momentary fun co-oping it up.

  • 9/10. Feels like something is missing in the whole Diablo experience nostalgia. I'm not a fan of limited the skills I can use at once. There is no real pvp anymore. And inferno fucks you the shit up a bit much. Overall. sort of a let down and forgettable experience though.

  • 8/10. No way to disable gems and you have to pay real money for those premium gems. In other words, the game isn't fair. On disc DLC characters? Ehh...

  • 8/10

  • 7/10. The cops really ruin a lot of things about the game. They are annoying and get in the way of what actual racing I wanted to do. Not to mention their random spawning in front of you to keep the chase going. Even during speed events where they spawn in front of you and just ram you making you have to restart an other perfect run. Some bugs...where if you drive to fast sometimes the world doesn't load in fast enough... That's kind of a problem in racing games... You can't do anything from the easydrive in game menu after a race finishes and half the time you are still being pursued by cops. There is also no mini map... There are no ways to toggle what the rewards are during a race instead of looking at your friends scores, you have to wait for it to cycle through. Some of the trophies are a bit glitchy. Autolog log is still unreliable.