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  • 10/10. Good music, design, characters, everything. Wish Hifumi was playable.

  • 10/10 from what I played

  • 7/10. I really want to rate it higher but the sour taste after many of the minigames and combat never doing what I want it to prevents it from ever being a truely good game. At this point, I can get better value out of a novel and a game designed around only weird minigames, as then both would have the proper quality and not just shit around in the middle.

    Fuck outrun. What a stupid game. Why the fuck does my car automatically turn around corners and get me destroyed. Controls get locked the wrong sometimes. Fuck blackjack. Fuck catfights. Fuck mahjong. Fuck the timing in disco.

    Camera auto rotates with the character which makes any tight corner a nightmare.

    weapons hit a lot of invisible walls and make the character recoil for no reason.

    Accurate combat inputs at a high level is a nightmare. The game is enjoyable because you have enough health items and things thrown into it that it can be overlooked. However, actually examining the controls leads to a lot of problems, many of which are brought out in the climax battles. Inability to properly target enemies, slow turning, auto target targeting nothing, the inability to just turn around like a normal human being can, weapons not aiming correctly, heat action prompts appearing and not working 80% of the time, a 3 second delay on starting most heat actions after a combat command has already been used, and so on. It is the same crappy combat from 10 years ago and with so many other games doing combat better the only saving grace of this game is the niche void it fills.

    Side stories are enjoyable. Very Yakuza-esque.

  • 10/10. Better than expected when it got going. Unexpected turn of events, 4th wall breaking and a generally amazing series of events. Also good foreshadowing and use of words.


  • The one action game I want to play.

  • remake of a ps2 game.