Best of 2018

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  • 10/10. The combat felt a bit lacking in terms of how much it expands and how much I upgraded or changed around runic attacks. The combat sometimes felt unresponsive and sometimes I couldn't interact with objects until doing a few circles.

    Those flaws aside, this game has phenomenal character development and is the current defining argument to get a PS4 pro and 4k TV. The music is suitable and everything happens for a reason. The ending is great and ties everything together for me nicely. All I'm left with after the ending is some curiosity when I can play the next one.

    There's a million collectibles but nothing is missable and most are easy to find along your path anyway. The world is huge and accessible and you can play through so much of it without realizing it and it ever feeling padded out. Also, not all collectibles are required for trophies which is a nice change. That said I actually got 100% completion from just solving everything I came across naturally, which rarely happens.

    There's not as much blood and guts and mindless killing of Gods but I somehow felt more attuned to this grizzled Kratos of few words and how he interacts with his son. Also, the flavor text and mindful hints the boy provides is well done.

  • 9/10. Iit's been a long time since a game really sucked me in and made me not care about much else.

    Sure the scout flies might be on crack sometimes and stop working, and that will suck. But once I do end up finding that monster, I feel like I'm the one on crack because nothing else really matters.

    I had and still have 0 interest in playing Monster Hunter on a handheld, they could never capture my attention like this. I also thought the open beta sucked. After the open beta I was really on the edge if I should buy it or not.

    But after buying it and playing with friends who are all hunting a monster for the first time, I'm glad I did.

  • 9/10. I really enjoyed this game, especially in the later half. It was a bit of a slow start for me and I fell off a few times but it was easy to get back to with the way it recaps the story. I enjoyed the monsters, music, story and my overall time with it.

    Some of the mini games were not very fun and detracted from the overall experience.

    The party members were all useful and had their own strengths. None of them felt useless and they can be changed around at will in-combat. Something I didn't realize until near the end of the game unfortunately...

    The translation of this game is really phenomenal.

  • 9/10

  • 8.5/10. Great until I felt the game had the same get quest do quest loop for too long. Animation looks really nice though. Don't feel like I needed 3 weapons to switch between though when their raw stats are so different.

    Lots of cool things in this game, but the flow of forced to do side missions to do the main story and the difficulties changing on some things seems to break some of the magic. I'm also not the biggest fan of the soundtrack. A lot of the music doesn't seem to fit the places it's used. Some quests you receive can't be completed until after you beat the game but you have no idea of this until you actually beat the game...

  • 8/10

  • 8/10. Tank controls suck. The new engine is cool but I can't really enjoy it as well as I want with such poor movement controls. The fighting is a bit slow to turn around and the targeting often doesn't work. A lot of the fighting is kind of buggy when you're near a wall or throwing people near walls. Still a fun game and the redone mini-games are in the right direction. Although they're still hit and miss. I feel like the karaoke isn't responsive enough and is not as enjoyable as before.