Best of 2019

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  • 9/10. Iceborne

  • 8.5/10

  • 7/10.

    I can see what MH a great game after playing this. The weapon trees, materials and iconography play a big part. That and having memorable monsters to hunt. Everything blurs together quite a bit in God Eater, as by the end of the game I still have no idea which monsters are which.

    The game is pretty anime though. And a decent game of this monster hunting genre.

    The controls leave something to be desired as well. From times they seem unresponsive to somewhat clunky controls, fidgeting between things that are not intended. There's a lot of things to do in God Eater and I wish they all felt smooth to transition between.

    Using items is somewhat of a hassle as well. Scrolling between items locks you from doing any sort of attacking or dodging. In a hectic fight you don't have that much of a luxury of time to scroll between 12 items trying to find what you want.

  • 9/10. No voice acting at all makes a strange disconnect. The wild area is a nice addition.

  • 7/10. Cons: I can't play the Krypt. It feels like whomever signed off on the Krypt has not made a game since the PSP era. The motion blur implemented is straight from the last century and makes me nauseous to the point I feel like throwing up and need to lie down and sleep it off. It last -ten- hours. Part of it was my fault for ignoring it but I didn't think it would be so bad since it's you know, 2020 and technology has advanced. Also the camera is so zoomed in on the fighter. Who cares about the fighter, let me enjoy the MK environment. Why is this random traveler such a main focus point of the Krypt. Why is it not the lore and atmosphere? Why does the camera change all the time to zoom in on the chest I'm opening? I don't care. All it makes me do is re-adjust my stupid camera after every chest. It's so tedious I don't even want to open chests anymore. That and force moving the camera disorients me because it causes more motion blur and makes me sick. This Krypt is possibly one of the worst things this entire generation.

    Sometimes I feel like the game is missing inputs from my controller when I use commands involving multiple buttons at once. Not just x and square but also things like diagonal jumping. Sometimes I only jump straight up into the air.

    This could be from me not being good enough or using the wrong character but I couldn't convert anything from ducking low attacks which made me feel useless punishing people who keep rolling at me.

    Of the online games I played none of them had a perfect connection and there was some modicum amount of lag involved despite me having a fast internet connection.

    The DLC characters are somewhat hit and miss with some of them being far less interesting compared to others. Spawn is rad though.

    Pros: Base story mode is great. It's akin to watching a movie. There's so much time between fights and time spent building out everything. It's easily one of the best story modes of any fighting game. The fighters in the story are all explained and have reason to be where they are.

    One of the greatest fighting game tutorials that goes into incredible depth. It goes above and beyond the basic intro on how to play this specific fighting game but also introduces high level fighting game strategies and tech.

    The amount of available frame data is fantastic and the hourglasses to display the timing for combos in the training is greatly appreciated.

    The roster selection is more than almost any other fighting game and although I had no connection to some fighters I felt others very easy to pickup and play.

    The combos are fairly simple to do once you get a hang of the timing the game is expecting and the special attack gauges this game employs are interesting since they separated the gauge to defense and offensive specific ones.